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No Hair Wash Needed: Priyanka Chopra Does This To Freshen Up Her Locks

No Hair Wash Needed: Priyanka Chopra Does This To Freshen Up Her Locks

Priyanka Chopra has once again surprised me with her beauty prowess. The Citadel star has the world’s 2nd richest haircare brand and for real, Priyanka really knows how to make her locks look good; this video tutorial is proof.

The actress did a video hair tutorial for a magazine in which she demonstrates how she freshens up her unwashed 3rd-day hair for a date. The way she revived her greasy locks looked so easy, you just have to see it and try out her method.

Priyanka’s Top Knot Situation

The Love Again actress confessed that she doesn’t really do much for her hair and you will usually find her wearing a top knot at home. But like anyone who wears a top knot, Priyanka said that her hair has that weird fold after untying the lazy-girl updo.

She also mentioned that she had washed her hair with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner the previous day, but she then had to go to work for long hours. She also snuck in a work out before the shoot which made her hair even more oily and sweaty.


The exact shampoo Priyanka used on her hair wash day was the Anomaly Clarifying Shampoo.

Finding Her Parting

Priyanka planned a date night with hubby Nick Jonas. To make her hair look better, she untied the top knot and tried to gauge where her natural parting would fall. She said her hair was moody especially when it is unwashed.

If you’re someone who likes to tie your hair in a top knot at home, try using silk scrunchies like the Fix My Curls Italian Satin Scrunchies because they really prevent my hair from damage and breakage.

Spritzing On Dry Shampoo

After finalising her hair parting, Priyanka reached for her favourite dry shampoo and then spritzed it on sections of her hair. She used her hands to create rough sections and then sprayed the dry shampoo on the areas.


Priyanka said that she especially likes to focus the dry shampoo on the crown area. This is where the hair needs the most refreshment and boost of volume.

Dry shampoos not only make your hair and scalp feel fresh, it also boosts volume tenfold. The exact dry shampoo Priyanka used is the Anomaly Refreshing Dry Shampoo with Rice Starch & Tea Tree Oil.

Her Frizz-Defying Step

Once she finished applying the dry shampoo, her next step was moisturising her dry ends. Priyanka said the ends of her hair tend to get very dry and that’s why she likes to apply a leave-in conditioner.

The star rubbed some leave-in conditioner in between her palms and then applied it on her ends. The conditioner that she used in the video is the Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream.


The Hair Flip

Once all the leave-in care products were in her hair, Priyanka did a hair flip, but not the dramatic kind that you see in movies. The actress flipped her entire mane forward and then massaged her scalp.

This step helped work in the dry shampoo better and also gave a lift to her limp hair. Once she flipped her hair back, it fell right in place and it looked like she just visited the hair salon.

I’m amazed by the results Priyanka got with this simple 3-step routine. Although as a finishing step, I’d like to further add some shine with the MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Serum.

Bookmark Priyanka’s lazy-girl hair routine for when you need to revive your 3rd-day hair.


Featured Images: Instagram

21 Apr 2023

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