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Priyanka Chopra Celebrates 20 Years In Style With A Smashing New Look On Instagram

Priyanka Chopra Celebrates 20 Years In Style With A Smashing New Look On Instagram

Are you looking for a new utilitarian outfit to sweep you off your feet? Perhaps Priyanka Chopra’s recent outfit, which saw the light of the day on Instagram, will do that. We are talking about a form-meets-function boiler suit that the actress wore for celebrating 20 years in the entertainment industry. It’s new, it’s fresh and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Celebrating 20 Years In Style

“It’s time for a celebration… 2020 marks my 20 years in the entertainment industry! What?! How did that even happen? You all have been by my side throughout this journey and your loyalty and support means the world to me! Join me as I take this trip down memory lane and celebrate #20in2020,” she wrote. We couldn’t take our eyes off the cool green boiler suit that the actress wore for the occasion and so, we delved right into it!

A Boiler Suit

Before you ask, a boiler suit is a one-piece garment that features a relaxed fit—think a jacket and a trouser combined together with zero gaps. Easy to wear, it’s often spotted off-the-runways with a number of street style enthusiasts donning it for a day out in town. Continue reading to know more about how Priyanka Chopra wore hers.

Priyanka Chopra’s Complete Look

Made of satin and hence imparting a slight sheen, the subdued green boiler suit made for a perfect OOTD to address her 55 million+ Instagram followers (and counting). Featuring oversized lap shoulders that were held in place by buttons, the full-sleeved boiler suit made for a smashing choice for the monumental occasion. If you are looking for something similar to bookmark as a distinctive go-to outfit, we suggest taking cues from the actress’ Instagram look. For summer, add to cart a boiler suit in an earthy tone, a versatile pick that can be worn just about anywhere!

The Accessories

Accessories-wise, Priyanka Chopra took the subtle route and added a pair of gold hoop earrings to her look, a suitable choice considering how gold-tone jewellery has been having a major moment. A dark pink lip and an updo accompanied the outfit, rounding off the look perfectly. For those looking to venture outdoors for essentials, add a pair of comfy sneakers to your look before stepping out. 

Does Priyanka Chopra’s fashionable new look solve your dressing up woes a bit? We sure hope so!

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Jul 2020

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