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One For Your Beauty Wishlist: You Can Still Buy Princess Diana’s Favourite Floral Perfume

One For Your Beauty Wishlist: You Can Still Buy Princess Diana’s Favourite Floral Perfume

Even though Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, passed away about 25 years ago, her timeless beauty endures. She still holds a special place in our hearts with her unique sense of style, classic makeup, and enviable hairdos. The former spouse of Prince Charles was unquestionably ahead of her time; she wore red nail polish, vampy black kohl, slicked-back hair, and blue eyeliner before those trends were even popular. But what perfume did she prefer? We’re here to spill the beans. Read on!

Two Favourite Perfumes Lady Diana Really Loved


Lady Diana appreciated good perfume and had a vast collection, but she preferred Penhaligon’s Bluebell and frequently wore Christian Dior’s Diorissimo. Diana was obliged to give in to the allure of these perfume labels once they captured her attention. These scents received increased exposure as a result of her ongoing affinity for the brand and her well-known persona.

Penhaligon’s Bluebell Eau De Parfum

The claims say that this epitome of beauty had a few favourite fragrances that she frequently spritzed, one of which was Penhaligon’s Bluebell for women, which is still easily available today. Lily of the Valley, jasmine, rose, and a trace of clove and cinnamon are blended with citrus headnotes in this bottle of fresh, fruity scent. And Michael Pickthall is responsible for this scent. “Behind the lovely simplicity is a complicated mosaic construction, a contrasting bouquet that tells the tale of a single flower,” is the real description of this piece.

Dior’s Diorissimo Eau De Toilette


Princess Diana enjoyed wearing a variety of scents, but Diorissimo by Dior was one of her signature scents and she is known to have worn it quite often. One of the most significant fashion businesses in the world created the floral fragrance that first hit the market in 1956. Christian Dior, a well-known French designer, invented the perfume Dorissimo, which describes itself as “a spring morning.” It is indeed a dewy spring morning in the woods when it comes to Diorissimo EDT.

Your Dupe: Estée Lauder Pleasures Eau De Parfum Spray

I have to say, the feminine floral fragrance by Estée Lauder is a technical triumph. Many have claimed that even while it is not a definite muguet—you cannot tell if it is a peony or a lily of the valley — its capacity to be “innocent, yet sensual at the same time” makes it noteworthy in its own right. This one’s your perfect dupe, to be honest.

Which one will you add to the cart?

Featured Image: Instagram

04 Oct 2022

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