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PSA: These Primer Tricks Will Make Your Makeup Last Super Long During Festive Season

PSA: These Primer Tricks Will Make Your Makeup Last Super Long During Festive Season

Primers are the backbone of makeup and trust us, you’ve got to try using them for yourself to understand just how amazing they are. Even though primers have been advertised for what feels like forever, they can seem like a confusing makeup product for most people. There are a whole lot of primers available in the market–pore minimising, mattifying, hydrating, glow enhancing–that it can be baffling. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

Now that festive season is here, a primer is going to be your best friend because it prevents the makeup from melting off, helps it last longer, and gives you a smooth base to work with. So we’re listing down some tips and tricks that’ll help you perfect your makeup base.

5 Primer Tricks That You Should Keep In Mind During The Festive Season

Let’s get dolled up!

Focus On The T-Zone

When applying primer, being mindful of where you’re applying it. If you have overall oily skin, then you can use a silicone-based primer all over but otherwise, focus it on your T-zone which is the place that tends to get the oiliest. It is also the first place that you will notice your foundation and concealer breaking down. So, applying it to the center of the face and working outwards works well.

Dab It In, Don’t Rub It In


Primer is best applied with your fingers. We suggest you lightly dab it into your skin, using only patting motions. Rubbing it in will not give the product a chance to really settle into the face the way it should. Use it sparingly and gently to have control over the spreadability. Of course, if you have a problem using your fingers, you can always use a damp beauty sponge.

Give It Some Time To Settle In Before Going In With Your Makeup


Primer is that interim step just after skincare and before makeup that makes all the difference in your beauty routine. So once you’re done dabbing it into your skin, let it sit for a minute or two before going in with your foundation. This will ensure that it sticks in place and doesn’t budge when you apply makeup over the skin.

Choose A Primer As Per Your Skin Requirement


During the festive season, sweating away your makeup is not an option. Which is why primers are essential. While selecting one for yourself, make sure you understand and listen to your skin first. If your skin needs extra hydration then pick a hydrating primer, if you want something mattifying then that’s what you should choose, otherwise, a skin-blurring primer works universally.

Use A Colour Correcting Formula To Tackle Specific Skin Concerns


Nowadays, primers don’t just come in transparent shades but also in colour to counteract specific skin concerns that you may be having. If you want something for redness, a green primer would be ideal and a purple toned primer is for when you feel like you want to even out the yellowness on the skin. These make sure that not only do your fine lines get filled and your makeup stays put but also reduces one step in your makeup routine.


C’mon, let’s dance the night away–minus the melting makeup!

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20 Oct 2020

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