Love Always Wins: 6 Rainbow Makeup Looks To Flaunt During Pride Month

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jun 2, 2021
Makeup Looks To Flaunt During Pride Month


Love is love.

Even though we celebrate love all year long, there’s something about being loud and proud about it during pride month. This is the time we get to salute the LGBTQIA+ community for all that they have done for everyone to feel more accepted and included. 

So, because we’re cooped up at home, let’s take out some time to rock our most gorgeous pride-inspired makeup looks. Whether you’re a member or an ally, let’s honour all the colours of the rainbow by rocking these looks. Be it unabashedly glam or low-key, the looks below will inspire you to have fun with makeup and stay true to yourself. Isn’t that what pride’s all about?

Stunning Makeup Looks To Wear During The Pride Month

Rainbow-Inspired Makeup

In the case of rainbows, more is always a good idea. Ever since the pandemic has started, it’s only our eyes we have to show all our creativity, and what better way than drenching your eyes with this eccentric makeup. Case in point: This multi-tonal look. It’s fresh, stylish, and screams diversity and love. Make sure to lock in all your hard work with a setting spray that will keep everything in place and complete it with a nude lip.

The Rainbow Strobe

Calling out our fellow beauty buffs, if subtlety is not really your thing, then grab every single colorful eyeliner you have in your stash and trace one line over the next while leaving the center of the eyelid bare to create this rainbow cut-crease. Make sure to trace the liner along your bottom lashes too.

The Star-Themed Eye Art

Get over the conventional way of applying eye makeup and take your game up a notch. Try these minimal multi-hued eyes and trust us, your eye makeup will be different from all the others. If you love to be OTT then apply a coloured eyeliner to make it edgier. However, if you have more of a minimal vibe, this look does the trick. Coat your lashes with mascara for some extra drama!

Statement Rainbow Lips

It’s time to use those bright-hued lipsticks laying in our vanity but we never had the courage to put it on. If you are exacting just like us, you might need a lipstick application blush to ace the shades of rainbow lips. Think shades of cobalt blue, sea green, and even pink. For your lids, keep your eyes subtle and get ready to turn heads.

The Prettiest Iteration

What do you get when you combine yellow, orange, pink, and purple? This gorgeous multi-coloured eyeshadow look. All you need is a palette full of vibrant shades and a neutral primer, it’ll help prevent whatever eye shadows you layer on top from smudging and fading. Coat it with a shimmer if you are looking for that ‘gram-worthy sheen.

Coloured Mascara For The Win

We love our mascara, don’t we? It’s a great way to make our eyes pop and add colour. Some of the trendiest hues ruling the world of beauty right now are blue, burgundy, and green. For an intensified look, cover your lids in subtle yet stand-out shades. This is a quick and fun way to indulge in colours with minimal effort.

Happy pride month, guys! 🏳️‍🌈

Featured Image: Instagram