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6 Pretty Hairstyles For When You Want To Chuck The Bun On Your Wedding Day!

6 Pretty Hairstyles For When You Want To Chuck The Bun On Your Wedding Day!

Gone are the days when your favourite hairstyle as a bride was a puffed top knot or a middle parted low bun. Sleek, blow-dried or poker-straight – wearing your hair down as a bride is slowly becoming a trend these days. From flaunting romantic half braided hairdos to accessorizing them hair with coloured jewels, there is so much you can do to pretty those tresses. And if you are still looking for some uber cool bridal hairstyles for when you don’t wear a bun, then these pretty hairdos will surely help. Yep, you can thank us later!

1. Braids with a twist

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Braids don’t really need to be humble and basic all the time, there’s no harm in giving it a tweak and making it a twisted one. This hairstyle here is such a subtle upgrade to your regular braided one. All you need to do is to braid your hair as you would and slowly loosen them out to add more volume to it. This would give it an illusion of a lovely braided look without you having to worry about all those flyaways getting on your way. Try it out, we bet you will love it.

Hairstyles For Bridesmaids With Short Hair

2. Volume it up!

It’s winter time and of course you can wear your hair down without caring much about humidity. To keep your hair voluminous without damaging it, all you need to do is just leave your long tresses open with a middle parting and keeping it minimal by just adorning a maang-tika. You could even add a bit of hairspray or even a leave in conditioner to make sure they stay in place all throughout the evening.

3. The messy princess braid

To get you out of the top-bun rut, we suggest you give a hidden meaning to your hair by going the messy braid way. This would especially work on long wavy to curly hair. Just make sure you add enough hairspray to pump up the volume.

4. Jewel it, to win it

Let the different jewels and hair accessories do the talking. A simply done, loose and messy side ponytail with some really fun hair jewels like these can really work wonders for you. What say?

5. Passa Perfect!

Have naturally straight hair? Fret not! That saves you from all the hair damage that a hair straightening would do to your hair. Go traditional, with light curls at the ends. And not to forget the passa to dangle on either side of your forehead which gives you that stunning royal look. Do try!

6. Flower power

6 Bridal Hairstyles for open hair

Image source: Vrunda Moray

Don’t like jewels on your hair? Go the floral way then! Tuck those flower based passa or jhumar to one side of your forehead, and leave your long curls open. You could even use hair tongs to get those cascading waves. Trust us, you will look every bit of a princess.

16 Nov 2017

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