These Brides In *Gorgeous* Gowns Are Every Girl’s Disney Fantasy Come True!

Manvi MalhotraManvi Malhotra  |  Nov 29, 2017
These Brides In *Gorgeous* Gowns Are Every Girl’s Disney Fantasy Come True!


A wedding is that time of a girl’s life when she can fulfil all her fantasies and wishes, everything she ever wanted to do since childhood. For starters, she can play dress up in REAL life! If you’re guilty of watching too many Disney movies and are still kind of obsessed with dreamy bridal gowns, then you can be a princess for that one special day too. All you have to do is deck up in a gorgeous bridal gown just like these brides did, and you’re all set to rock the night (or day, whatever!)

1. Because red is LOVE

There is nothing that defines a bride’s elegance better than the colour red. It infuses so much grace and life into a bride’s outfit. This pretty lady opted for a deep red layered bridal gown and we are so smitten.

2. The peachy affair

As much as we love red, there is something about the peach colour that it automatically makes a bride look super elegant and brings out her inner glow. This bride took the pastel route when she picked a very flowy satin gown for herself. The tiara on her hair just added to her princess-like getup.

3. Cinderella is for real!


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Yes, she is and we have proof. Just look at this bride’s gorgeous and unique blue layered gown. Isn’t it exactly like Cinderella’s icy blue gown?! Seems like she surely fulfilled her childhood fantasy of being a princess. *dreamy eyes*

4. Subtle details

While most brides choose vibrant hues of bright yellow and pink for their mehendi function, this pretty one impressed us with her subtle and understated choice. Her gown has just the right flow and minimal design which looks oh-so-elegant.

5. Shimmer and shine!


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It’s your wedding and you have all the right in the world to go ALL OUT with everything – even your outfits. This stunning bride chose a very shimmery and highly embellished dull gold gown for one of her functions and let’s just say – we’re dazzled!

6. Oh-so-princessy!

More than anything else, we just love the colour of her outfit. It’s so different and bright and we can’t even… The pattern is really good too, with a plain skirt underneath and an embellished net jacket stitched over it. So cool, right? 

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7. For the love of sequins

This is so pink and so pretty. We just love the sequins on it that are beautifully distributed evenly over the upper and lower half of the dress. Special shoutout to her floral umbrella though!