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The Street Is Your Runway (Kind Of): 7 Ways To Make Grocery Runs Fun During Monsoon

The Street Is Your Runway (Kind Of): 7 Ways To Make Grocery Runs Fun During Monsoon

If you feel like you have been cooped up inside forever, there might be some solace in knowing that you aren’t alone. Surprisingly, the saving grace during the COVID-19 outbreak might be those grocery runs for stocking up on essentials. And now that monsoon season is just around the corner, it’s time to make them count through your fashion choices. 

Monsoon Style For The Grocery Run

Wondering how? Read on to know all about it.

The Right Footwear Saves The Day


Trust us on this—ditch the flimsy sandals for sturdy, waterproof boots or sneakers to avoid getting your feet drenched. For those who prefer airy alternatives, a pair of flip-flops or crocs are bound to come in handy during the rainy season.

Carry A Chic Raincoat (Always!)


It might seem like a hassle at first but when you are out there buying essentials, you wouldn’t want to be held up because of the pouring rain! The best option? Step out with a cool raincoat in tow to avoid getting stuck outdoors.

A Cool Umbrella Does It


When it starts raining cats and dogs, our mind first swerves towards this absolutely essential monsoon accessory. The umbrella is, without a doubt, a humble go-to that keeps us sheltered during those unexpected drizzles. Carry one on your grocery run and to elevate the vibe of your outfit, make it attractive, printed and fun!

Nothing Like Waterproof Accessories


So you are going out with your mask, gloves and footwear all in place, but there still remains the question of a bag to keep your wallet, phone and the rest safe. Include PVC bags in your outfit while out for a grocery run. Not only are they utility-inspired, but they also are very much in vogue. Thank us later!

Keep It Short & Striking


It goes without saying that you will have to say goodbye to long skirts and trousers for a while, lest you want hems to trail in the mud. Pick from shorts, minis and a plethora of other options that will keep you feeling comfortable and looking good. Plus, no hems to wash post your shopping spree.

A Burst Of Colour


Pinks, reds, greens or yellows—go all out with splashes of colours to keep you feeling cheerful during the monsoon. It might only be a short outing to the grocery store but like we have said several times, dressing for yourself uplifts your mood. Go all out with the colour of your choice by adding co-ords that are vibrant. 

Hats Ahoy!


Until the skies are clear again, it may do some good to add to your monsoon wardrobe a bucket hat for an instant update. Apart from being a trendy accessory, it is also one that will help (to some extent) keep frizzy hair at bay. 

Now that you are looped in on how to jazz up your monsoon wardrobe, are you all set for the grocery run?

Featured Image: Instagram

15 Jul 2020

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