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Uff, Alia Bhatt Flaunting Her Fully Visible Baby Bump In A Mini Dress Is A Sight For Sore Eyes

Uff, Alia Bhatt Flaunting Her Fully Visible Baby Bump In A Mini Dress Is A Sight For Sore Eyes

This is the first time ever mommy-to-be, Alia Bhatt, was seen flaunting her very adorable baby bump to the papz along with her forever crush-now-hubby at a launch event of the song preview of their upcoming movie ‘Brahmastra’. TBH, Alia nailed it on all counts with her crepe wrap-around brown dress, side-swept beach waves, and dewy makeup.

These photos are breaking the internet and the makeup look ended up being a super hit. She sported a flush of pink blush, bare lips, kohl-rimmed eyes, and a dash of a subtle brownish eyeshadow, but what really caught our attention was her radiant skin. Her glow is literally what dreams are made of! Scroll down to learn how to achieve this elegant, understated look hassle-free.

Did You See The GLOW?


Step 1: For A Dreamy, Glowing Skin

Follow your regular prep steps and base makeup routine. But before using products like concealer or foundation, add an illuminating primer for that stunning natural shine. Then, use a brush to rub a dewy foundation onto the skin as your base. Dot and dab concealer wherever needed, especially under your eyes, and wait until it gets absorbed into your skin.

Step 2: Tame Those Lush Brows

Hold your brows in place using a brow brush. Then, use a brow pencil to create tiny, hairline strokes to fill in any gaps. Then, using a transparent gel, comb through them with the brow brush or a spoolie to get a fuller look.

Step 3: Subtle Kohl-Rimmed Eyes!

Begin by creating a bare base for your eye makeup.  Then, take your trusted nude eyeshadow in shades of brown or mauve and gently blend it around your lash line, outer crease, and beneath your waterline. Finish it off with a stroke of kajal on your waterline.

Step 4: Pink Flush

Well, the credit for Alia’s glow is mostly her mommyhood. But you can achieve Alia’s glowy cheeks too. Pat and push a cream highlighter on the cheeks and other high points of your face. Then apply cream blush with the same undertone on the apple of your cheeks and mix it upwards towards the temple.

Step 5: Lips Don’t Lie

Apply a matching nude pink lip liner to your lips. Next, add a layer of lipstick in the same shade as your blush and eyeshadow. To finish, spritz your face with a setting mist.

Cop this makeup look and you’ll be set for your next brunch date with your gals.

Featured Image: Instagram

06 Aug 2022

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