Going To The Salon? 6 Safety Precautions To Keep In Mind Before You Book An Appointment

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Jun 30, 2020
Going To The Salon? 6 Safety Precautions To Keep In Mind Before You Book An Appointment


COVID-19 may have extended its stay but life is slowly coming back to normal. Salons in most cities have reopened and that means a lot of people will be going to indulge in some much needed TLC. Even though life at the salon may never be the same, we can learn how to adapt and accept the new normal way of life. So if you’ve been tempted to go to the salon and pamper yourself, keep these points in mind before you do.

6 Precautions To Take Before You Decide To Visit The Salons

Please understand that personal hygiene and salon hygiene is a two-way street. You need to look out not just for yourself, but for the salon staff as well. So what precautions should you be taking before you book a salon appointment? I got in touch with the National Creative Director of Lakmé Salon, Dr Sneha Prabhudabholkar, and she has some interesting points to make.

1. Wear Your Mask At All Times

Never leave your home without wearing a mask. In case you forget to carry your mask, some salons may provide with you a new mask. However, it’s always safer to call in advance and check with them. 

2. Pre-Book Your Appointment


As per government guidelines, most salons will be maintaining 50% occupancy. This is done to ensure that the salon does not get overcrowded and is following social distancing norms. Also, if you have any flu-like symptoms or are in a high-risk group, wait before your visit to the salon.

3. Be Prepared To Get Screened

There will be a screening conducted by the staff members before you enter the salon. Your temperature will be checked and you will have to fill up a self-declaration form. 

4. Ensure That The Salon Is Following Hygiene Guidelines


During the service, hairdressers and skin experts should be wearing the PPE kits – face masks, hand gloves, head caps and a visor. Salons will also request you to wear a mask and disposable shoe covers. Before starting any beauty treatment, always check with the staff if they’re using single-use kits. This is done to ensure the elimination of sharing products and tools between customers. 

5. Avoid Carrying Cash

Salons will now be adopting on contactless transactions with e-bills and digital payments to avoid handling cash. So make sure you are prepared before you visit. 

6. Bathe Immediately After You Get Home

If there is one thing we know for certain, it is that soap and water can keep the virus at bay. So once you get home from the salon, the safest thing to do would be to bathe. Wash your clothes and discard your mask and gloves.

Another thing that I would like to add is that if you notice that a salon is not following these norms, you can always bring it to their notice. It’s your right as a customer to inquire whether the tools and equipment that are used by the salon are sterilized. As mentioned earlier, it’s not only the salon’s job to ensure a customer’s safety. It’s also the customer’s job to look out for themselves and others. Even though the lockdown is relaxed and salons are slowly reopening one after the other, one must be mindful of their actions and personal hygiene.