6 Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas That Are Crazy, Fun And Definitely Not Cheesy!

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Aug 24, 2018
6 Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas That Are Crazy, Fun And Definitely Not Cheesy!

As much fun weddings are, somehow the wedding planning stage is even more fun. The month-long trousseau shopping escapades, the sangeet dance practices with your besties (which always somehow turn into daily house parties), finalizing the wedding vendors and just being in a celebratory mood the entire time. One integral part of the pre-wedding affairs is definitely the photoshoots. Whether you choose to keep your pictures private or display the love on every social media platform, these shoots have almost become a part and parcel of the grand desi shaadi fiesta.

But sometimes the mush and gush can be sickening. We’ve seen more than enough couples dressed in gowns and tuxedos hugging each other all around the town and guys, that’s done and done. If you’re one of those quirky, fun-loving duos who wants to add a touch of unique to the pre-wedding shoot then we’ve got just the inspiration for you.

1. Theme park day

This couple chose to have their shoot in Imagica near Mumbai, you can have an amusement park day and just have a guy clicking you all over. Making memories and getting the work done, win-win!

2. Your furry cuties add to the cuteness level

Your pets are your babies so why not add them to the craziness that is your wedding. And it’s always a plus to have a day filled with furry cuddles and licks! 

3. Do what you love

Cricketer Krunal Pandya and wifey Punkhuri decided to go the black and white way for the pre-wedding shoot. They took the quirk and love quotient up a notch with this cricket-themed shoot.

4. Dinner dating

Let a date night be the venue of your dreams and celebrate with happy times with your to-be-hubby. It’s the small moments that make up a relationship, right!?

5. Hop on and here we go 

Play with colours and props to make the whole shebang even more full of cheer. You can then go basic with your outfits and be comfy and still get stunning captures.

6. Drunk in love?!

Wine makes everything better and those who don’t agree with me haven’t had good enough wine. If you’re drunk in love too, and both you and your partner are wine lovers, then you should go to a vineyard for your photo shoot, just like this couple did! Have fun, taste some wine, make some wine and let the photographer catch the tiny moments during your fun session.

So guys, get set, *snap*

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