Couples Who Ditched The Cliche & Had The Most Unique & FUN Pre-Wedding Shoots!

Anannya ChatterjeeAnannya Chatterjee  |  Apr 9, 2018
Couples Who Ditched The Cliche & Had The Most Unique & FUN Pre-Wedding Shoots!

What’s a wedding without a pre-wedding photoshoot? It’s gives you the chance to strike a dreamy, Bollywood like pose with your fiancé and it’s also a massive thing for your Insta profile! However, there are a lot of chances of getting it wrong. We mean a cliche old school pose is not what you want, right? And sometimes, trying to be really different can go horribly wrong. Pre-wedding shoots should be grand but they also need be realistic. It must capture the chemistry between you and your would-be with measured dollops of Bollywood in it. Here are a few couples who got it on point.

1. Love has no boundaries. Like, literally!

We love how the couple took a serious high with their pre-wedding shoot by doing it underwater. And kudos to the couple, and not just the photographers who brought it out so well. Full marks!

2. Being local

You can take a Mumbaikar out of Mumbai but not Mumbai out of a Mumbaikar. Hence, proved! How relatable is this pre-wedding photoshoot done amidst the rush of Mumbai locals.

3. Hot air sunset!

Let’s admit it, hot air balloons never looked this gorgeous. We can’t take our eyes off this lovely shoot done in the stunning landscape of Cappadocia with a backdrop of hot air balloons.

4. Art done right!


A post shared by Safarnama Films (@safarnamafilms) on Oct 9, 2017 at 1:56am PDT

The outfits, the backdrop, the colours, the ambiance, the romance and the camera angle, everything is in sync and done so beautifully that just looking at the picture makes you feel so much in love.

5. The gastronomical way

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Image: Samsara photography

Only true foodies would get it. Ditching the norms of going the filmy way with dreamy backgrounds and unrealistically done edits, this foodie couple decided to show their mutual love for food and we are loving it to bits.

6. Splash of love

This couple gets candid on point. The image captures their playfulness correctly and also adds an element of Bollywood to it with the groom going for the water splash.

7. The eternal saga


Mughal-E-Azam is a tough pose to crack but this couple gets it on point with their innocence. The background mural also adds to the depth of the frame.

8. Nailing the 60s


Nailing the sixties can be hard. It can go over the top if not done correctly but this couple does the sixties right with the correct costumes and that vintage Rolls Royce.

Featured Image: Samsara photography

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