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Pratik Sehajpal’s Message For Those Trolling Neha Bhasin Just Revived Our Faith In Sachchi Dosti

A bond of convenience. A Game strategy. A desperate attempt to get some extra footage. Fake. Drama. Nautanki.

A lot was said about Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin’s bond during their Bigg Boss OTT journey. Despite that, they both had each other’s back till the very end and did not give two hoots about what people had to say. The show is now over and we’d like to break it to the trolls that Pratik and Neha still continue to be friends. In fact, Pratik just proved that it was sachchi dosti after all by taking Neha’s stand outside the Bigg Boss house as well.

The entire BB OTT journey and everything after that have been a mixed bag of emotions for Neha. While she made great friends, she was also slut-shamed and called names throughout her stay in the house. In fact, the singer recently shared that the trolling wasn’t just limited to her and even her family was dragged through the mud. The trolls kept targeting her husband, sister, and mother along with Neha. As the trolling continues, Pratik has now spoken against it while talking about what a good friend and support system Neha has been for him.


Pratik took to Instagram yesterday and wrote, “Guys I have one request to all of you who love me and support me. Please don’t say anything wrong to Neha. Don’t blame her because I was also equally involved in everything and I accept it but she has been a true and honest friend for me and has unconditionally and honestly stood up for me and that means a lot to me. It was a pure and true friendship and true emotions were involved.”

The Bigg Boss OTT contestant also threw light on the sexism that Neha has been subjected to. “Please usko kuchh bhi mat bolo and ya toh mujhe bhi bolo (I request you to either not criticise her or criticise me as well). I respect her and I am thankful to her for always being there for me and main bhi uske liye honest tha (I was honest with her too). Please one request guys. She’s a great friend and a great woman. She’s an inspiration and I will always respect and have that gratitude in my heart for her! Thank you @nehabhasin4u,” he added.


It is indeed heartwarming to see how Pratik continues to defend Neha like he was doing in the Bigg Boss house. Supported by her friend, Neha has now finally spoken about how the trolling has actually impacted her. Last night, she reposted Pratik’s Instagram story and then wrote, “Honest to God, the morning after I got out, read all the negativity, heard the trolling against Sameer, mom, my sis and brother, a part of me wanted to really die. I felt that darkness again,” she wrote. However, she is certainly doing better now and thanked her fans and family for pulling her out of the darkness.

“But my family’s love, Sameer’s calmness and support, Bling’s kisses, Mumma’s constant calling and loud positive support of my fans resurrected me. If you think negativity and trolling and constant commenting is right, then my fav line from an old song, ‘Aise jahan se kyun hum dil lagayien’. If liars, plotters, people who bitched and played with each other’s minds were accepted, then all I can say is I am all about love and till my last breath I shall be,” she added.

From Rahul Vaidya-Aly Goni to Manveer Gurjar-Manu Punjabi, we have all seen epic BB friendships in the past and Neha-Pratik just made it to this list. Here’s hoping that their bond remains unbreakable.

Featured Image: Instagram

21 Sep 2021

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