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9 Post-Workout Hair Care Tips That Will Help You To Stick To Your 2022 Fitness Resolution

9 Post-Workout Hair Care Tips That Will Help You To Stick To Your 2022 Fitness Resolution

Do you find yourself skipping a workout on a certain evening because you washed your hair in the morning and have a party to attend at night? If you’re someone who loves her gym time, you know the mood-boosting benefits of exercise, including the kind of glowy skin no amount of hyaluronic acid could possibly replicate. However, we can’t deny the sweaty price our strands pay after a workout sess – sweaty, tangled tresses, greasy roots, and sometimes, even a potentially irritated scalp. Intense. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean you should scratch the gym entirely. Because Health is wealth, right? 

So, here we’ve lined up the best ways to care for your tresses after an intense HIIT session. Grab your dumbbells, hit play on your workout playlist, and let’s get to it. 

9 Ways To Improve The Fate Of Your Hair Post A Sweat Sesh

Give Your Roots A Refresh With Cold Air

After crushing leg day, you may notice your mane looks a little flat. DW, you can towel-dry to soak up the sweat and give your roots a little refresh by using the coolest setting on your hairdryer. This will help bring back the volume. Finish with dry shampoo and you’re good to go!

Spritz Dry Shampoo On Your Roots

Ah – dry shampoo, the blotting paper for oily hair. We love how dry shampoos give our tresses a waterless refresh by absorbing oil and sweat in seconds. Do you need this in your gym bag? Absolutely! A few spritzes can instantly soak up any greasy residue while protecting your roots from grime and flyaways.

Cleansing Scalp Rinse FTW!

No hyperbole here: sometimes all your scalp needs is a good ol’ rinse after a sweaty gym sesh. You can go for detoxifying scalp masks to give your scalp the detox it deserves. It helps soak-off grime and soak-in nourishing hydration. 

Go Sleek & Slick For Your Meeting

Make the most of your greasy strands by using them to your advantage. Use it to slick back your hair for a snatched bun. Split your hair into two sections with a middle part. Use a paddle brush to smooth and secure it into a chic bun with elastics. You can use a hair gel to slick back baby hairs in place.

Don’t Wash Your Hair With Shampoo

Take the all-natural route. It’s good to rinse your hair off from any sweat after but avoid using shampoo. The reason being shampoo can easily over-dry your hair, making it brittle and fluffier. Towel-dry your hair and use an all-natural shampoo twice a week.

Keep It Loose

One of the easiest ways to keep your hair from getting overly greasy or sweaty is to take the top half of your hair and loosely clip it at the crown. Take the bottom half and use a soft hair tie to create a loose ponytail so you don’t get a dent from sweating. The key here is to keep your hair loosely tied and not yanked tight. That way, it gets stuck to you and your sweat while working out. 

Use The Right Hair Tie

Use a spiral hair tie or a satin scrunchy as they are gentle on the hair and won’t create a crease. It also doesn’t feel like you’re wearing one.

Layer Your Products

If you have thick, curly hair, we recommend working out with your hair in a bun. To deal with sweaty hair after a workout, let your hair down and use a combo of styling mousse and conditioning water to redefine and hydrate your curls.

Put On A Mask

Prep your hair before heading to the gym. Before tying your hair back, slather on your favourite treatment mask from root to tip. Then, pull your hair back into a ponytail, braid, or even a bun, and go work out. The excess heat produced while working out will help the mask penetrate more deeply, and it also helps keep your hair nice and slicked back during exercise. 

Good hair and the gym: not mutually exclusive!

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12 Apr 2022

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