Bookmark These Post-Lockdown Beauty Trends & Get Ready To Channel Your Inner Celebrity

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jun 24, 2021
Post-Lockdown Beauty Trends


While it might be a while until life returns to normal, there are some glimmers of hope – new beauty trends to look forward to being one of them. Tbh, after such a wild 15 months, we have a collective feeling to shake off any residual bad vibes and adopt a brighter outlook, especially when our beauty game is concerned.

To get the tea on the trend poised to dominate the year ahead, we combed through the lengths of the internet to bring out the best of the best for you. From statement-making brows to retro hairdos and playful eyeliners – these fads have a nod of approval from our fave celebs. So if you’re looking across the pond for some beauty inspo, keep scrolling to find the coveted trends that will be huge post-lockdown.

Beauty Trends That Are Poised To Rule Post-Lockdown

Ombre Lips

Since everything seems to circle back, the one beauty fad that’s making the rounds in 2021 is the 90s brown lip liner trend. As much as we loved the look back when Jennifer Lopez and the Spice Girls were wearing it, the iterations sweeping the ‘gram right now are ultra-glam and are a great way to elevate even the most basic makeup look. You can wear it with a daytime look or for a big night out. Just prep your lips and focus the liner that’s 2 to 3 on the outer corner of your lips before lightly feathering it around the rest of the mouth. Fill it in with a peachy-nude hue and coat it with a gloss. All you need is this liner and nude lipstick to master the now modernized old-school lip trend.

Graphic Eyeliner

From bright-blue and slime-green to sparkly lines floating in the cut crease – the graphic eyeliner trend gave way to experimenting with varied hues and styles. Let your natural skin texture shine through by using minimum products and tracing an inky eyeliner across the upper eyelid for a fuss-free yet fashion-forward makeup look. But don’t just stick with black. Think bright hues, pinks, and even orangey-reds. It’s the stylish way to give off major cool-girl vibes with barely any effort, which is always the goal, right?

Upgraded Blush Placement

Instagram has been re-spinning blush for quite a long time now, but recently, we noticed more and more blush placement options emerging. Whether you would like to create an illusion of an elongated face, a slimmer face, or a fuller face shape – you can do it all. Liquid blush seems to be the formulation of choice, due to the precision in which it can be applied and not to forget, the dewy glow it imparts to our faces.

‘90s Inspired Face Framing Braids

These loosely tied micro braids make a statement of their own and it still looks good. The new iteration involves a more polished version of the hairstyle with cute face-framing micro braids falling down their face. The best part though? It even works on bed hair. We love how fashion girls of the present are embracing their natural texture with this hairstyle. All you need to do is spritz a salt spray into damp or dry hair to get those straight-from-the-beach waves and create loose tousled curls before adding in the braid. Take one-inch sections of hair to create a braid and use the almost invisible elastics to hold it to perfection.


Laminated Brows

We are wondering if our obsession with eyebrows will ever go away. Especially now that we have even more ways to finesse them in celeb-approved ways. As our IG is flooded with feathery, fluffy brows – laminated brows are going to be huge in the coming months. Although, the process involves getting it done professionally. However, if you are looking for a less permanent way to nail those model-esque eyebrows, this brow pomade will do the trick for you.

Technicolour Lashes

If you thought the makeup movements were only limited to lids, lips, and cheeks. Then, you are in for a surprise. A new trend of using bright-hued mascara on the lashes of falsies is bubbling up. It might sound wild but the iterations sweeping the ‘gram actually look cool. We’re taking bets on which fashion house will have models strutting down the runway in coloured lashes next season.