Marks & Spencer Introduces Special Lingerie For Breast Cancer Survivors

Chhavi PorwalChhavi Porwal  |  Oct 13, 2017
Marks & Spencer Introduces Special Lingerie For Breast Cancer Survivors


In 2006, a customer sent a letter to Marks & Spencer CEO Sir Stuart Rose about coming up with lingerie for women who have gone through breast cancer surgery. And that was it. The idea of post breast cancer surgery lingerie line was incepted. The brand’s lingerie department began their research on creating intimates that were feminine, good-looking and delicate with a suitable comfort level. And there it was, a line that will make women post their breast cancer surgery feel as confident as they used to feel earlier.

Right in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month, Marks & Spencer has now become the first high-street brand to introduce post breast cancer surgery lingerie in India. It’s their “Change for Breast Cancer” campaign in partnership with Ogaan Cancer Foundation and the Women’s Cancer Initiative at Tata Memorial Hospital. The collaboration is to help raise fund for breast cancer awareness, educating people on the symptoms and for supporting the disadvantaged women with financial aid.

1. Lingerie - M S Collection  Post Surgery Sumptuously Soft Padded Full Cup Bra

“When we set the challenge to design and develop this range our first response was to find out what women who have had breast surgery really want from a bra – the key thing we found was the lack of pretty designs available with styles quite utilitarian with little pretty detailing,” says Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Design for Lingerie, Active & Swim and instrumental in the design of the original post-surgery range.   

2 lingerie - marks and spencer

The line includes six key styles from the best-selling pieces of the brand – sumptuously soft plunge bra to the embroidered crimson floral full cup. For this project, the bra fitters at Marks & Spencer have gone through a training as the feedback from customers stated that women after surgery do not want to be treated any differently.   

The designs range from Rs 1,699 to Rs 2,299 and we certainly appreciate the designs as they provide protective covering and comfort along with delicate detailing that will add up to your beauty and style. If you want these bras or know someone who might love these then hear out.

The collection is already available at all Marks & Spencer stores in India, so hurry up and get your hands on them!  

Image Courtesy: Marks & Spencer