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#POPxoReviews: This Night Mask Soothes & Smoothens My Skin By Sunrise

#POPxoReviews: This Night Mask Soothes & Smoothens My Skin By Sunrise

When searching for skincare to fit into my night routine, I always look for products that can soothe and heal my problematic skin. Seeing as I experience breakouts often, it only makes sense that the formulas calm inflammation and repair as I get some shut-eye because that is the best way to ensure my skin recovers and goes back to its healthy state. Skincare masks have always been my favourite to counter acne and so when I found this antioxidant night mask that works on my skin concern while I sleep, it was just a godsend. After trying it out once, I couldn’t put the jar down. This baby has become my go-to night skincare staple and here’s why you might need it too.

What Is It?

The St. Botanica Anti-Oxidant Boost Night Mask is the ideal skincare sleeping mask for all skin types. It provides a dose of antioxidants and vitamins to the skin to nourish and strengthen the skin while fighting off environmental damage. The formula is lightweight and hydrating and it contains ingredients like green tea, chamomile, and Vitamin C. The gel-cream texture glides on and gets absorbed quickly; it leaves back a soft matte finish.

Why Do We Love It?

It hydrates without being sticky and greasy and the formula is ultra-soothing. It is a no-nonsense formula that works to strengthen and repair the skin’s barrier so that no matter your skin concerns, you know your skin health will improve with regular use. When applied to my face and neck, the gel cream instantly got absorbed into my skin and my skin felt silky smooth. Even the inflamed areas of my skin felt cared for and calmed down, which is exactly what I needed. The formula is also transfer-proof and so it won’t stain your pillow.


Texture – 10/10

Packaging – 9/10

Formula – 9/10

How To Use It?

It is best used in the PM. Begin by following a CTM routine that suits your skin type. Apply this as your final skincare step. A pea sized amount will cover your visage. Make sure to massage this gel cream on your neck as well. You can even swap your night cream with this night mask.

What Does The Product Look Like?

If you’re looking for a simple and highly effective night skincare treatment, this antioxidant sleeping mask is a must buy.

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26 Apr 2022

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