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#POPxoReviews: This Ayurveda-Based Cream Gave My Skin A Fuss-Free Glow Treatment

#POPxoReviews: This Ayurveda-Based Cream Gave My Skin A Fuss-Free Glow Treatment

My favourite type of moisturiser has always been a nature infused one – they just hit different. Having tried all kinds of face creams under the sun, I know for a fact that natural formulas are the most satisfying for my problematic skin type. And since I am once again tackling a combination of seasonal skin concerns, I needed an upgrade in the moisturising department. But this time I wanted a true herbal blend to heal my skin and bring back my lost glow. So, I opted for this nourishing herbal face cream that is a modern rendition of the ayurvedic kumkumadi tailam and I was blown away by its effects. Here’s how the kumkumadi face cream made my skin glow naturally.

What Is It?

The Organic Harvest Kumkumadi Cream is formulated with natural herbs and oils to heal the skin and bring on its natural radiance. It is based on an ancient ayurvedic remedy for skin concerns like pimples and for brightening the complexion. This cream has a gel-like consistency and feels so refreshing when applied on the skin. It tackles everything from dullness and dryness to dark spots and pimples and even regulates sebum production so that your skin is just well hydrated. The formula contains ingredients like saffron, turmeric oil, licorice extract, shea butter, and sandalwood.

Why Do We Love It?

The cream feels super lightweight and hydrating on the skin. It has a plumping effect that makes my skin feel soft, firm, and bouncy at the same time. It even had a soothing effect on my acne and it didn’t feel greasy or heavy on my skin. I loved how it also instantly brightened my skin by banishing the dullness.


Texture – 10/10

Packaging – 9/10

Formula – 10/10

How To Use It?

Clean your skin with a face wash and then apply toner. Take a dollop of the kumkumadi cream and dot it on your skin. Massage in circular motions to spread it out evenly. You can then even perform some facial massages with a Gua Sha or jade roller. Once the cream is absorbed by the skin, follow up with sunscreen if it is day time.

What Does The Product Look Like?

My skin feels amazing with this cream in my skincare routine. That herbal formula just works wonders for my visage. 

Featured Images: Author’s Own

27 May 2022

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