Navratri Special: I Tried A New, Poppy Colour Every Day From This Lip Kit & Totes Fell In Love

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 11, 2021
Navratri Special: I Tried A New, Poppy Colour Every Day From This Lip Kit & Totes Fell In Love


When I say my excitement for the festive season knows no bounds, I’m not exaggerating. My stomach practically does a somersault thinking about card parties, dandiya nights, dinners, and – my favourite of all – festive makeup looks. When it comes to my festive makeup mainstay, nothing beats bold and bright hues. Think hot pinks, fiery reds, and classic maroons.

I think of poppy lip shades as a magical tool that has helped me channel positivity, confidence and sass – anything I choose to tap in when I wear it. Over the years, I’ve attempted to find the perfect bright shades, and I’m not going to lie, it has been tough. But thankfully, I came across a lipstick love-in happening right now. And I’m very much on board with it. The power trip lip kit by POPxo has started something of a revolution across the internet, with every beauty savant out there singing its praises. I find that even just a swipe of these vibrant lip shades can help make a statement and can really take your festive look from zero to 100. It’s a true makeup legend that passed the vibe check, the smudge test, and the flake inspection, making them the best festive lip kit of 2021. So, go ahead and treat yourself to one of these shades and start wearing it, like, now. 

Trust me, stunning is an understatement!

What Is It?

Power trip is a mini Lipstick kit that comes with 3 creamy-matte bold lipstick hues – a true red, a bright pink and a deep red lipstick – one for every mood. The colours in this mini lipstick set will help you channel your inner boss babe. The shades are equally sexy and edgy yet somehow refined – making this kit the ultimate makeup power move. One swipe is all you need to create a look that’s always on-trend. This top-rated newcomer or soon-to-be iconic lip kit is spiked with Vitamin E which means it does not dry out your lips in the process. And can we just talk about the cute packaging? I’m obsessed.

Why Do We Love It?

I’d be lying if I said that packaging plays no part in choosing a new lip colour, but this lipstick kit has so much to offer than just cute Instagram-worthy packaging. It’s super-pigmented without feeling like you’re wearing anything at all, and it feels buttery soft on the lips. If you love festive lip colours equal parts deep and moody, this kit has you written all over it. The versatile shades look gorge on all skin tones. It’s one of my fave drugstore buys, which means not only are you going to want to stock up on this formula, but thanks to the affordable price, you’ll actually be able to, too. 


Texture – 9/10

Packaging – 10/10

Formula – 9/10

How to use it?

Start by applying the lipstick on the centre of your upper lip, just below the cupid’s bow and then swipe across to the outer corners. Repeat on your bottom lip for a smooth and even application.

What does the product look like?

Add this to your cart to turn heads wherever you go!
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