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#POPxoWomenWhoWin: Sujata Assomull On Fashion, Luxury & Her Next Big Career Move

#POPxoWomenWhoWin: Sujata Assomull On Fashion, Luxury & Her Next Big Career Move

The remarkable thing about a conversation with renowned fashion editor Sujata Assomull is how some pieces of advice remain with you for long afterwards—be authentic, stay curious and have an opinion. It’s impossible to not be inspired by the focus and enthusiasm with which she approaches her various roles in the fashion industry. But then again, she is writing her own story and there is a lot more to come.

An Unparalleled Portfolio

A star journalist, Sujata Assomull’s career is a reflection of her spirit. When Harper’s Bazaar India was first launched back in 2009, she became the founding editor-in-chief — a role she considers a turning point. Her expansive portfolio has it all. Be it her time at Elle, Verve and Indian Express, leading the communications at Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Jimmy Choo in India or moderating panels on global platforms, it’s not difficult to see why she is the expert on all things fashion and luxury.  And it doesn’t just end here; she is also the author of the acclaimed ‘100 Iconic Bollywood Costumes’, a book that bridges the gap between fashion and cinema. 



With her bylines spread across renowned publications in India and Dubai, where she now lives, she is easily one of the most sought-after names in media, an influential commentator who is also vocal about mindful fashion choices. The next big thing for her? The role of associate editor for Pulse, Fashion Trust Arabia’s new digital platform, slated for release early next year. And her biggest accomplishment? “It’s yet to come,” she says, focussed and always up for the next challenge. 

As #POPxoWomenWhoWin series continues to tell stories of women who have defied all odds and redefined success on their own terms, it was only natural for us to reach out to the trailblazer! Over multiple emails, Sujata Assomull graciously took us through her journey and let’s just say, it’s far from over! Below, edited excerpts from an interview.

How do you begin your day? What’s a typical day like for you?

“When I wake up, I first try to focus on the three things I have to be grateful for. Then, I drink some warm water and have a turmeric shot, followed by the all-important espresso shot with some cinnamon powder. I begin my workday by reading all the important fashion news, scanning my favourite paper and digital sites before beginning my workout. I alternate between my personal trainer and aqua aerobics, taking a day off every week for a sports massage. It’s then time for a shower and daily prayers followed by a short meditation. I enjoy my morning rituals and feel they help me set the tone for the day.”


You have had a stellar career in the fashion industry. Could you tell us a little about your first professional experience and how it all began for you?

“My first job was as a Saturday girl at a local boutique in London’s St John’s Wood. I went to all the stores on my local high street with my resume and met with the owners of each store. I kept going back to every one of them until a few weeks later, one hired me.”

There’s always a turning point in one’s career. What would you consider yours?

“It was when I became the launch editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar India.”

Is there a professional accomplishment that you consider to be your biggest one so far?

“I would like to think my biggest accomplishment is yet to come.”

What is the one mantra that you swear by in your professional as well as personal life?

“Your life is your story. Write WELL. Edit often.”

What would your advice be to the people who are just starting out and aspire to make it big in the industry?

“Be authentic. Have a point of view, keep it curated and do not play to the gallery.”


Considering that most schedules often tend to move towards a hectic side, how do you like to unwind from time to time?

“I am a big believer in self-care—be it taking time to go to a spa, reading a book by the beach or just going for a long walk.”

Are there any particular books or novels that have had a significant impact on your life?

“There are three which come to mind; To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, D.V. by Diane Vreeland and Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie.”


We love the way you are always impeccable with your beauty look! What are essentials we’ll always find in your makeup bag?

Nars Oil Infused Lip Tint in Orgasm, Sisley Blur Expert Powder and Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara!”

As Sujata Assomull’s spectacular career illustrates, authenticity, focus and being on the lookout for the next exciting opportunity are traits that are always bound to work in your favour.

Featured Image: Sujata Assomull on Instagram

22 Dec 2020

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