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#KBeauty, Botox & Vampire Facials: Skincare Expert Dr Kiran Lohia Breaks Down Latest Fads

#KBeauty, Botox & Vampire Facials: Skincare Expert Dr Kiran Lohia Breaks Down Latest Fads

Dr. Kiran Sethi is a celebrity dermatologist and a wellness expert from New York. Apart from being one of the best skin experts in India, she has also written numerous columns and articles on skin-related issues and has hosted a number of TV shows for NDTV and CNBC. And when I got the chance to interview her and pick her brain about all things beauty, needless to say, I jumped at it. And I must admit, she is as charming, enterprising and bubbly in person is on her Instagram. She surprised me with her witty yet insightful answers.

Being a skin aficionado for over ten years, she understands the importance of quality treatments. She is also a global trainer for beauty treatments like botox, fillers, threads, lasers among others.

Getting Candid With Dr Kiran

We asked her a number of questions ranging from her views on controversial beauty treatments and Korean skincare and her personal beauty regime.  


You are a celebrated dermatologist who has a strong following on the ‘Gram, almost 38k. How do you think this has changed the way you consult your clients (like getting queries via DMs) or the way they approach you now?

Well, now I understand the mindset of my clients much better. The more questions I get asked, the more I know about what is concerning the people who come to me. So I think it has made me better at my job. It also makes me more accessible and allows my clients to get more access to all the information in my brain and they can also understand my perspective on why I do things. So it makes the education of my client also better. I view it as a huge positive!

You are also a hit among various Bollywood celebrities. I’m sure you’re bombarded with questions about which celebrity loves what kind of treatment. What is your advice on people getting ‘influenced’ to try a particular treatment? Like Cate Blanchett loves getting The Penis Facial and Kim Kardashian swears by The Vampire Facial, etc.!

I think it is so important to be in the hands of a well-experienced dermat or an aesthetic physician. Who wants a Penis Facial if you don’t need it? A good doctor will tell you what makes sense and what doesn’t and will protect you from trends and will guide you to what is good for you.

What are the downsides of experimenting with various face/skin treatments frequently?

If you overdo it or choose the wrong treatment, your skin can react or get more irritated. That is, of course, treatable, so it is not the end of the world. But if we can treat our concerns simply and in a more organized way, why not?

What is your personal skincare routine like?

I’m pretty simple when it comes to my skincare routine. I cleanse, apply serum, moisturise and wear sunscreen during the day, daily.


A retinol, probiotic, prebiotic, alpha hydroxy acid, ferulic acid and vitamin C always play a role in my skincare.

Can You Suggest A Few Must-Have Skincare Products Too?

Yes, sure!

For AHA’s- Try the Glyco-6, especially if you’re on a budget.

If you’re looking for retinol, Yugard is a steal if you’re on a budget.


Try the prebiotic youthful serum by Gallinee and you’ll love how your skin feels after.

Dermaceutic Tri Vita C30 is one of the best vitamin C serum you’ll ever use!

Do you think we need to follow elaborate routines, like the famous 9 steps Korean skincare routine? Does it actually make a difference?

No way! Please don’t waste your money or time. 3-5 steps are more than enough!

Most of us are working professionals who spend close to 8-10 hours in front of the screen every day, be it binge-watching our favourite series or working in the office. Can you suggest a few simple changes we can make in our 20s for better skin in our 30s?

Incorporate retinol in your routine, STAT! Also, start using vitamin C serums. Never step out without a sunscreen applied from head to toe!


Use filters on your screen to protect yourself from the blue light and try to reduce your screen usage. Close your eyes in between for short breaks. Move around more and drink lots and lots of water. 

Can you name three common skincare myths that need to be busted, STAT!

Most definitely!

First: That you need a toner- this is completely false! Toners do not reduce pores- they are completely useless and a waste of money.

Second: That you need foam in a cleanser for your face to be clean and clear. Even water can cleanse our skin just fine, but an emulsifier is what is truly required. No foam necessary! The foam just dries out your skin!


Third: That one should wash your hair every day If you wash your hair every day- it will fall out more. Cut it down to 1-2 times a week. Your hair will thank me!

And there, you have it! All your questions related to skincare- answered! It was quite informative, right?

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10 Feb 2020

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