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POPxo Speakeasy: Catching Up With Bobbi Brown On Her Evolution From Beauty To Wellness

POPxo Speakeasy: Catching Up With Bobbi Brown On Her Evolution From Beauty To Wellness

Watching Paayal Mahajan and Bobbi Brown live on POPxo felt like two gal pals catching up after a long time. From hip hop, relationships to beauty philosophies, they talked about everything under the sun. Before we get into the highlights of their conversation, let’s get to know Paayal and Bobbi a little better.

Paayal Mahajan is the founder of Essential Body Couture. Steeped in modern, adaptogenic phytoscience, the brand and its line of products are meant for those who prioritise their skin, look at it as investment, value real results and luxury. No more than 100 products are made at a time, and each bottle is entirely founder-formulated and founder-made – the first of its kind in India.

All products are made from plant-based ingredients and are 100% natural and unadulterated. The cherry on top, Essential’s body products are packaged in genuine leather bags that showcase India’s rich heritage for leather craftsmanship. Paayal’s love for all things skincare stems from her childhood. She has a minimalist approach to beauty and spends a large chunk of her time reading and educating her followers about skincare ingredients. 

Bobbi Brown needs no introduction, she’s an inspiration to budding makeup artists and an iconic figure in the beauty industry. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was founded in 1991 and later acquired by Estée Lauder in 1995. Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, she graduated from Emerson College in Boston. She has a degree in theatrical makeup and also follows a ‘less is more’ approach to beauty. It has been three and a half years since she stepped down from her role at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. After leaving her brand and doing some soul searching, she has now channelled her energy into a project that’s even more exciting and it has nothing to do with makeup!

Evolution_18 created by Bobbi Brown revolves around supplements made from highly effective, simple formulas for gorgeous skin, shiny locks and overall soft glow. Taking the natural route to beauty, Bobbi Brown believes that, “The better you take care of yourself on the inside, the better you look on the outside. Although these products are yet to launch in India, they are available in the States at almost every Walmart store. The best part is that they’re affordable (under 20$) – enough to fit everyone’s budget. 


The Highlights Of Paayal’s Conversation With Bobbi Brown


If you missed the live last night, no worries! We’ll do a mini editorial recap just for you. 


Paayal: What do you do to keep yourself active during the lockdown?

Bobbi Brown: “Well, I’m very lucky because I am able to walk. I wear a Fitbit and it tracks how many steps I’ve taken. I walk every day (sometimes twice a day) and I use that time to pick up the phone and call people who I haven’t spoken to in a while. Whether it’s my dad, my mom, my friends, and just an occasion to call someone that’s usually just a text on my phone or a DM on my Instagram – those are my favourite conversations.”

Paayal: Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Bobbi Brown: “My only advice I’d like to give people out there (and to you) is to get the ball rolling, just start, just do something. I remember when I came to India a year ago, and I talked about your (Paayal’s) amazing oils and you became known to them. So it’s a snowball effect and you just have to start out somewhere. You can’t be discouraged when one thing does not happen, or someone says something not so nice about you on social media, you’ve just got to keep going. That’s the only advice that I have.”

Paayal: What do you love about India?

Bobbi Brown: “We’re just like you! We love family, we love food, we love the culture! Also, my favourite food in the world is bread. If you take all the vegetables, fruits, the protein, just give me bread, I’ll be content. But, bread and I are not good friends because every time I eat bread, my stomach is four times its size. However, when I was in India, I ate plenty of bread there. The food in India is incredible. Everything about India is incredible.”

Paayal: Your recommendation how to choose the right foundation and lipstick?


Bobbi Brown: “I don’t like foundation. Most foundations don’t look like skin and I really like skin! I prefer a tinted moisturiser compared to a foundation because you can see your skin through it. I also believe that if you take care of your skin and have good skin, you can just maybe use something to correct the eyes, a little bit around the nose too.”

Paayal: Your advice to working mothers and finding that healthy balance between work and personal life?

Bobbi Brown: “Well, there is no balance. You’re never going to find balance. It’s not easy, it’s the hardest thing in the world, but it’s completely worth it. You have to be entrepreneurial when you’re a working mom. You have to be organised and you have to have support from your family, your husband, caregiver. It’s like ANY job and it’s worth doing!

Paayal: Tell us about your new line of wellness products?

Bobbi Brown: “It’s a little older than a year, but it’s frustrating to me that we can’t sell in India. It is very difficult to bring nutritional supplements to other countries. Evolution_18 is a brand based on my philosophy “the better you take care of yourself on the inside, the better you look on the outside.”

Paayal: What qualities do you look for in a candidate when hiring?


Bobbi Brown: “I look for people who have the experience, who have positive energy and are not afraid of doing things that other people might think are beneath them. We are a very small group of people who do everything and if you don’t have great communication skills, it’s not going to work.”

Paayal: What are your parting words for us?

Bobbi Brown: “Be the most positive version of yourself. Just turn lemons into lemonade. Think about your attitude, think about how you can do something better and never give up!”

We hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did!

Featured Image: Facebook


15 Apr 2020

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