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POPxo Power Women List 2020: Leeza Mangaldas, The Sex-Positive Content Creator

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  Mar 8, 2021
POPxo Power Women List 2020: Leeza Mangaldas, The Sex-Positive Content Creator

Removing Stigma, One Step At A Time
Leeza Mangaldas is an actor, YouTuber and presenter who has emerged as the leading face of India’s sex-positivity movement. She uses research, experience and humour to create content that smashes stigma and misconceptions around taboo topics. In a country where sex-education is largely nonexistent, Mangaldas has created a judgement-free zone for a generation that turns to the internet when they are looking for answers.

Through her YouTube channel and social media accounts, she has successfully facilitated open discussions about sexuality, sexual expressions, consent, mental health and relationships. Leeza is also currently working on creating a show on an OTT platform.

Leeza Mangaldas’s 2020 Power Move
In 2020, Leeza Mangaldas started creating content on sexual health and wellness in Hindi–enabling her to reach out to and educate an even wider audience. With this, she aims to further normalise conversations about sexuality and arm young people with information. Her content was recognised as a credible source of information on sexual health by renowned gynaecologist Dr Nozer Sheriar, as well as women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights organisations like FOGSI, IPAS, and Global Health Strategies. She is the educator we all wish we had while growing up.

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