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POPxo Power Women List 2020: Arushi Sethi, The Activist Providing Mental Health Aid

POPxo Power Women List 2020: Arushi Sethi, The Activist Providing Mental Health Aid

Making Mental Health Resources Accessible
Arushi Sethi, CEO and Co-founder of Trijog, a platform for mental health care and holistic well-being, started her company as a college project in 2014. Cut to 2021, Trijog has successfully managed to transform over 5 million lives through their counselling services, awareness campaigns, webinars and events.

Through Trijog, Sethi has helmed several mental health campaigns, including Sneha: A Ray of Hope, which dealt with postpartum depression, and The Artidote, which promoted healing through art. In 2019, Sethi broke barriers after she was appointed as the youngest board member of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and the Chairperson of its Youth Section.

Arushi Sethi’s 2020 Power Move
In 2020, as the world went into lockdown, the demand for mental health support rose. With limited access to in-person therapy, people turned towards the internet. Trijog stepped up by amplifying its online support, providing online counselling sessions to those in need. It wasn’t an easy task for a company whose business model depended 70% on offline appointments. However, in just a month’s time, Sethi restructured the business model and Trijog went completely online. Later that year, she also launched the Trijog Training Institute, which aims to train mental health practitioners. 

The POPxo Power Women List is an annual list that celebrates incredible Indian women from diverse domains who make power moves that have a real impact. With The POPxo Power Women List 2020, we celebrate 15 phenomenal women. To see the entire list, click here.

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08 Mar 2021

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