#POPxoReviews: Nude Lipsticks Are The LBDs Of The Beauty World & These Are The Best Ones

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Nov 10, 2021
#POPxoReviews: Nude Lipsticks Are The LBDs Of The Beauty World & These Are The Best Ones


You know what’s harder to let go of than memories of heartbreak- that perfect nude lipstick that makes you feel like it was made for you. While I go gaga over classic red hues, there’s no denying the powerful impact that nude lipstick has on my makeup. It holds the power to tie everything together with unmatched versatility. It’s my comfort zone when nothing else feels right, my trusted companion at every vacay, and the only beauty product I’ll never tire of.  So, if you’re a nude lip aficionado like me, then hold onto your hats because you are going to fall head-over-heels for the newly-launched POPxo No Drama lip kit. 

Whether you have yet to find the most flattering hues, a versatile nude that matches any festive eye look you imagine, or a work-appropriate colour in a comfortable all-day formula – this lip kit has it all. If I were forced to pick only one lip kit for the rest of my life (I shudder at that thought), this would hands-down be my choice. I’m not the only one; one of these is sold every two seconds. The nude shades are flattering on pretty much everyone, and despite its subtlety, always elicits ‘what lipstick is that?’ comments. So if you gravitate towards the neutral end of the wheel or want to gift it to your lipstick-hoarding friends – Scroll down to know the deets.

Be warned: If you’re a red lipstick lover, you might be in for a bit of a shock. 

What Is It?

No drama is a mini lipstick kit that contains 3 irresistible nude lipstick hues – one for every mood. Flattering lipstick shades, a creamy-matte finish and easy-to-apply formula – check, check, check. It imparts the most beautiful soft texture onto lips and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t get on with ultra-matte liquids, yet still wants a major impact. One swipe is all you need to create a look that’s always on-trend. This top-rated newcomer or soon-to-be iconic lip kit is spiked with Vitamin E which means it does not dry out your lips in the process. And can we just talk about the cute packaging? I’m obsessed.

Why Do We Love It?

Yes, the packaging is super cute, but it’s what’s inside that counts: the vitamin-E infused formula is so incredibly pigmented, a single swipe will deliver totally opaque coverage with a not-quite-shiny finish that makes lips look plumper in an instant. Aside from the fact that it’s a total steal, the three nude hues look ridiculously pretty against all skin tones. If you love festive lip colours equal parts gorgeous and chic, this kit has you written all over it. It’s one of my fave drugstore buys, which means not only are you going to want to stock up on this formula, but thanks to the affordable price, you’ll actually be able to, too.


Texture – 9/10

Packaging – 10/10

Formula – 9/10

How To Use It?

Start by applying the lipstick on the centre of your upper lip, just below the cupid’s bow and then swipe across to the outer corners. Repeat on your bottom lip for a smooth and even application.

What Does The Product Look Like?

Trust me, this lip kit is legit a must-have!

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