Trendy Makeup Aesthetics That Are M-A-J-O-R In 2021

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Sep 9, 2021
Trendy Makeup Aesthetics That Are M-A-J-O-R In 2021


IDK about you, but one of the things we’re enjoying the most about 2021 is all the fresh, new makeup styles flooding our FYP. After a truly tumultuous year that was 2020, it’s safe to say we were all eager for a beauty do-over. Luckily, the top makeup trends of 2021 allowed us to experiment with fun, glowy, and just plain pretty looks that had us feeling the best version of ourselves.

So on the occasion of International Beauty Day, we’re highlighting the trail of out-of-the-box makeup aesthetics that rose to fame in 2021. The curation includes looks that hit on major beauty trends – without risking that timeless factor we all crave. From subtle fads like brushed-up brows, berry-stained lips, and dewy cheeks to bold eye makeup looks with playful liners and frosty eyeshadows – the looks are heavy on style, to say the least.

All The Hits, All In One Place: The Coolest Makeup Aesthetics Of 2021

Skin Minimalism

If you’ve inclined towards I-was-born-with-it glow, you probably know the term “skinminimalism” which is all about embracing your natural skin and super-minimal makeup. In contrast to the overly done makeup looks of the past. The iteration sweeping the ‘gram at the moment is more about sportling a makeup that looks like second skin. Beauty savants worldwide are upping their skincare regime and investing more time into your skincare routine, mostly relegating the need for heavy makeup

For Major Y2K Vibes

The Return Of The 2000s  paved way to a number of edgy and elevated looks. Ombre lips, frosted eyeshadow, and thin brow have all become part of our lockdown lexicon. You don’t have to scroll far on Instagram to find beauty references from the late ‘90s to the early 2000s as the Y2K aesthetic is having a stronghold on the trendscape at the moment. Whether it’s Dua Lipa donning vibrant eyeshadows or Kim Kardashian’s ombre lips and Bella Hadid Spiky updos and thin brows –  Y2K trends have become beauty person calling cards.

The Gorgeous Golden Hour Glow

Whether you gravitate towards barely-there natural makeup or you are a glam goddess. The dewy skin makeup look strikes a balance between classic and trendy because they take versatility to the next level.  There’s something so alluring about the dewy skin that skincare savants can’t get enough of. Tbh, it’s like an instant IG filter for your skin. 2021 is all about nailing the signature soft-focus, sun-warmed glow outside of the usual hours. Give your complexion a sun-soaked and beautifully lit look for dewy skin 2.0 update. Keep the rest of the look natural with nude lipstick, peachy blush and a dab of mascara for the eyes.

Lip-Centric Looks

Since everything seems to circle back, the one beauty fad that’s making the rounds in 2021 is the 90s brown lip liner trend. As much as we loved the look back when Jennifer Lopez and the Spice Girls were wearing it, the iterations sweeping the ‘gram right now are ultra-glam and are a great way to elevate even the most basic makeup look. You can wear it with a daytime look or for a big night out. Just prep your lips and focus the liner that’s 2 to 3 on the outer corner of your lips before lightly feathering it around the rest of the mouth. Fill it in with a peachy-nude hue and coat it with a gloss. All you need is this liner and nude lipstick to master the now modernized old-school lip trend.

It’s Still All About The Eyes

This list comprises trends of the moment and we can’t really do without including colourful eyeliners in it. It’s a fun way to inject some colours into an otherwise neutral look. It’s wonderfully fresh, minimal, as well as modern-looking. From tangerine to blues and lime green to pink, you can take whatever colour fits your look and vibe. Just pop it onto your eyelids and you’re good to go! 2021 paved the way for more playful eyeliner styles including the vibrant-hues floating eyeliner. 

Fuller, Glossy Pout To Turn Heads!

Beauty trends come and go, but some trends can stand the test of time, a pouty lip is one of ‘em. The trend has spread like wildfire and the spotlight on fuller lips has been shining brighter than ever. Thanks to the ultimate beauty queen aka Kylie Jenner for her undeniable lip-centric influence. Add the lip treatment to your cart to make a juicy statement with a plumped-up pout. Cover your eyelids in a matching gloss for a full-blown glam look.

Subtle Feline Flicks FTW!

If colourful graphic liner isn’t your thing, there’s another makeup aesthetic that’ll be right up your alley. Subtle chocolate brown feline flicks can be your go-to. It offers a slightly softer effect than the usual black and is a classic makeup look that has a stamp of approval by a number of celebs. Team it up with brushed up brows and chocolate brown lips to make a statement.

Screenshot these look to turn up your glamm-quotient!

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