Pinpoint Powdering Is The New Makeup Technique That Gives An Airbrushed Look

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Oct 7, 2021
Pinpoint Powdering Is The New Makeup Technique That Gives An Airbrushed Look


Just like the perfect LBD or quilted Chanel crossbody, glowing skin is one classic beauty fad that will never go out of style. In a perfect world, we’d have bouncy, glowy, superbly hydrated skin that’s borderline wet to the touch. However, there’s a constant struggle between being dewy but not feeling oily or greasy. Luckily, there’s a new technique doing the rounds on social media that’ll allow you to look illuminated without feeling like a walking disco ball. Enter the ‘pinpoint powdering’ technique. The makeup hack will help you achieve glowy and fabulous skin because that’s the only kind of energy we’re looking for this festive season and beyond.

So if you wanna give your makeup base a smooth, buttery finish, keep scrolling through for a play-by-play to ace a glow-happy skin sans greasiness and oiliness. Trust us, this technique will help you create your most glowing, dewiest, and mesmerising skin moments.

Peep This: The Ultimate Guide To Try The Pinpoint Powdering Technique

Step 1: Glowy Skin, We’re Coming For Ya

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro – dewy skin is super easy to achieve. We recommend using a luminescent moisturiser on your skin that gives it a hefty dose of hydration and a radiant glow. Then follow it up with a serum-infused primer to get a silky-smooth canvas. Plus, it’ll help diffuse the appearance of skin texture and fine lines giving a blurred finish. Wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes to ensure the products really sink into your skin and then proceed with the other steps.

Step 2: Put Your Best Face Forward

Then grab your foundation and use a buffing brush to get an even base. It is best to apply the foundation starting from the centre of the face and then blend it out evenly using a makeup sponge or a brush. Use a push-press and patting motion for a more second-skin like finish. Opt for a liquid texture foundation like this one to retain max glow.

Step 3: Set It With A Powder For Dimensional Look

Next, go in with your loose powder to give that dreamy, hazy feel to your skin. All you have to do is grab a fluffy blending brush and selectively apply the powder to areas of the face that tack up shine. Dab the powder in the hollows of your cheeks, your upper forehead, and a teeny bit on your nose and chin. This technique allows naturally highlighted areas to thrive, while still keeping oil at bay. Using powder on certain areas can really make the rest of your face glow even better because of the dimension of matte vs radiant. When choosing a brush, make sure you opt for a small, fluffy brush. Likewise, always use a loose powder for this technique. 

Step 4:  For A Natural-Looking Flush

The hack doesn’t involve layering the skin in an OTT highlight, so if you’re exacting use a shimmer-less, creamy, lightweight highlighter. Dab it on top of your cheekbones to toe it all together. To add a peachy warmth to your face, use a semi-sheer cream blush and blend it in for a seamless finish. To make it last longer, set your base with a makeup setting spray.

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