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Pigtails Are Taking Over Celeb-Ville & We’re Off To Try The Reinvented Retro Hairdo

Pigtails Are Taking Over Celeb-Ville & We’re Off To Try The Reinvented Retro Hairdo

It’s undeniable that 90s hair trends are making a major comeback right now – we’re seeing them everywhere – from the red carpet to our Instagr̥am feed. The latest 90s hairstyle to make a comeback is the schoolgirl staple: Pigtails. Among our ultimate girl crushes trying the trend, in the last month alone, we saw Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner sporting the hairdo, adding their own twists to the playful hairstyle. 

And we standby its new-found popularity, it’s super cute, easy to achieve, and is in fact, more versatile than you may think. Plus, it’s the perf opportunity to work with multiple trends, like up-turned ends a-la Ariana Grande, or face-framing braids like Addison Rae. From snatched, ultra-neat iterations with a 2022 twist to the ones with a throwback cool-factor – here’s how the IT girls are working the trend.

Pigtails Are Making A Serious Comeback, Here’s How The Fashion Crowd Is Styling It


Whether you’re opting for a full-glam vibe like Jennifer or are simply looking for a cute WFH option, pigtails are the perf hairstyle to play with. The only element that you need to consider is the positioning of the pigtails. They should be styled high for a snatched, sexy vibe. 

We Wanna Copy-And-Paste This Whole Look

Keep it classic like Hailey Bieber and style your pigtail with a center parting and clean edges. The simplicity adds a chic yet modern vibe. We’ll be trying this half-up, half-down look with barely-there makeup for our next zoom meeting.

To Feel Like You’re In A ‘90s Music Video

As soon as we saw the pop star trade in her signature ponytail for pigtails, we knew it was going to be a major trend. The upturned flipped edges teamed with a sleek side parting add a sassy feel. We’re totes obsessed!

Wear This For A Day Out

Face-framing tendrils and micro-braids are ’90s trends all of the IT girls are obsessed with. POV: Kristen Noel Crawley. Note how she’s wrapped her hair around each pigtail for a polished final look? This one’s one of our fave hair hacks – start by securing the ponytail, then take a small section of hair from the base of the pigtail and wrap it around the hair tie. Secure with a bobby pin, et voila!

For Peak ’90s Feel

Olive Rodrigo is giving us pure ‘90s vibes by pairing her pigtails with multi-coloured snap clips. The hairdo is perf for trendsetters who wish to make a statement with minimal effort. 

Less Is More

Kim Kardashian was also seen dusting off the hairstyle to tie her hair back and out of the way. She stepped out wearing the look while performing mom duties with her kids. This pigtail iteration has our hearts and is perf for summer. Kendall Jenner also wore snatched high pigtails with a casual white vest fashion ensemble to Coachella.

Cooler Than Cool

Guilty for saving the best for the last? Yes, kinda! The loosely plaited pigtails worn by Sofia Richie are cute, chic and so easy to wear.

And now, we’re into it!

Featured Image: Instagram

02 Jun 2022

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