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Here Are #HappyHair Hacks For Styling Them Without Causing Any Damage

Here Are #HappyHair Hacks For Styling Them Without Causing Any Damage

We wonder what is more satisfying than stylists running their professional hands through our hair while we sit relaxed in the salon. They do their magic of curling, straightening and drying our hair while we browse through our next potential looks on our phones. Well, all that sounds quite dreamy and perfect but let us give you a reality check, shall we? Firstly, visiting a salon every time we need some hairstyling is practically impossible. And secondly, we doubt we’d be left with any hair to style at all after inducing so much damage. 

Hairstyling does not need to be such a fuss. No, we haven’t lost our minds and yes, we know what we are talking about. Hairstyling is actually quite easy and fun if you get smart about it. There are plenty of DIY hacks that can help you style your hair in a jiffy without breaking the bank. Early morning meetings? We got you! Running late for the office? We got you again! Impromptu plans with bae? Don’t worry girls, we got your back always!

A few bobby pins, right brushes, your existing makeup kit, and Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener (relax, it doesn’t cost a fortune but only Rs. 3,695) – and you have all the ingredients of #HappyHair. So, what are we waiting for ladies? Let’s get started!

#HappyHair Hack 1. Know Thy Brushes


So, you have a comb and you think you’re done? No! Let us introduce you to the science of brushes. 

Different kinds of brushes serve different purposes. You need to understand them to make your life easier. Boar bristle brushes are great for voluminous hair. They detangle that bushy hair in the smoothest way and distribute the natural oil from the scalp evenly throughout your hair for a glossier look. Brushes that have plastic bristles spaced widely are great for wet hair. They are kind enough to not wrestle with your hair when they are at their most vulnerable state. Round brushes are great when you are blow-drying your hair. They give a natural wave and bounce to your hair and that’s why they’re almost every stylists’ favourites. And lastly, we have thermal brushes that help you comb and straighten your hair simultaneously. 


#HappyHair Hack 2. Braids Are The New Curls

Did you hate it too when your parents braided your hair during school days to make you look like a cutesy doll from the 80s? Well, it’s time you say goodbye to your hatred and embrace those braids. Because honestly, those braids are super-efficient when it comes to styling your hair! 

You can divide your hair into three segments – two on the sides and one in the middle – and tie them in tight braids. Okay, you might look a little funny, but thankfully, you have to do these steps at night before going to bed. Now, you can wrap these braids in socks for better protection or sleep just the way they are. In the morning, untie those braids and dayumm – look at those beautiful curls! 

#HappyHair Hack 3. Braids Are The New Curls: Straightener Edition

But, what if you forgot to braid your hair at night? Well, no problem, follow these quick and simple hacks to get some trendy curls. All you have to do is tie thin and tight braids using different sections of your hair. Once done, use Philips ThermoProtect Straightener on those tight braids for a few seconds. 

The straightener comes with 6 LED temperatures that range from 160 degrees to 230 degrees. In our opinion, if you have opted for multiple thin braids, use a lower temperature and if you have opted for just two thick braids, use a higher temperature. Don’t worry about any damage as this amazing product comes with ThermoProtect Technology that evenly distributes the heat and minimizes the damage to the fullest. Once you are done ironing them, open the braids and use some hair spray for a longer stay.

Pro tip: Instead of using hair spray directly on your hair, spray it first on your palms and then apply it on your hair.

#HappyHair Hack 4. Bobby Pins Are Your Bae


Say hello to bobby pins that are godsend tools to add some life to your otherwise dull ponytails. If you are one of those million women who face the never-ending dilemma of hair-ties – where three rounds are super tight and two rounds are loose – then welcome to the club! Fortunately, there’s a hack to resolve our issue!

Tie your ponytail medium tight and insert two to three bobby pins inside the hair-tie so that the open ends of the pins are facing towards your nape. Make sure there is sufficient distance between the pins. Now, give a decent fluff to your ponytail and see the magic for yourself. Your ponytail looks way perkier now. 

#HappyHair Hack 5. Curl ‘Em From The Middle

Here is a secret hack of curling that no one has ever told you – you really need to curl just the middle section of your hair strand for a natural-looking curl! 

Pro tip: Tie the strands on the top immediately once you curl them. The heat allows the curls to last longer. 

However, it is to be noted that most of the curling rods take away the natural shine of your hair and excess of heat can damage them in the long run. Thankfully, we have a solution now – Philips ThermoProtect Straightener. Wait, a straightener for curling? Yes! You can easily curl your hair using this straightener and save yourself from hefty damage. 

Select a strand of your hair and start straightening it from the top. Once you are in the middle, wrap the remaining hair strand around the plates and glide the straightener slowly till the ends. The keratin ceramic coating on the plates makes the gliding so much easier and the ionic conditioning technology will retain the glossiness of your hair. 

Didn’t we tell you? No damage!

#HappyHair Hack 6. Makeup On Your Hair

Did you really think that makeup and skincare are just meant for your face? If yes, then welcome to 2020 where makeup and skincare are the solution for everything! Before going out in the scorching sun, apply some sunblock to your hair ends as well. Your hair need protection from sun damage as well ladies. Also, too much scalp showing up in that side parting? Just rub a little brown eye shadow over it and you’re good to go!

What’s life but a series of wonderful hacks, right? Try these really efficient #HappyHair hacks and let us know what you thought!


Feature Image: Unsplash

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04 Dec 2020

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