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13 AMAZING Perks Of Being Roomies With Your Bestie!!

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Jul 27, 2016
13 AMAZING Perks Of Being Roomies With Your Bestie!!


What could be better than moving in with your bestie? Late night talks, breakfast mornings and weekend shopping is just the beginning of a fun-filled journey! Here are 13 perks of having your bestie as your roomie!

1. You have double the clothes.

It’s like a 1+1 offer on wardrobes. Since your bestie and you have similar taste when it comes to clothes you keep exchanging, and basically, never EVER run out of clothes!

1 living with your best friend

2. You always have someone to make plans with…

Boyfriend bailed on you? Classmates not up for an evening rendezvous? Don’t worry, you will always have someone who is as excited about trying out that new coffee place as you are and is just a shout away!

3. Grocery shopping is FUN!

Getting excited about the new flavour of chips, wheeling around in the grocery cart, scanning the ingredients to figure out how many calories you are eating, you name it and you can do it with your bestie, without feeling weird!

3 living with your best friend

4. Weekend getaways become a regular thing.

Be it to a nearby vacay spot or simply till the outskirts of the city, weekend getaways with your roomie is literally the reason you are able to manage to get through the week, am I right?

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5. You always agree on ordering pizza.

Be it after a long day or on a sunday morning, you will almost ALWAYS agree on ordering pizza, no discussions required.

5 living with your best friend

6. You get to decorate your house…

… Exactly the way you guys have been dreaming all your lives. All the home decor screenshots and house goals can finally be put to good use!

7. Loud music at 3 am? Yes, please!

You don’t need to plug in your earphones for music and since both of you love the same songs, no one asks you to lower the volume. #WIN

7 living with your best friend

8. You have your own personal cheerleader.

Since your bestie knows you so well, she knows exactly how to make you feel better when you’re feeling low and when to just let things be. Sigh, if only everyone else could be that way.

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9. No one judges you for binge watching TV all week.

If anything, your bestie will join you as you watch FRIENDS re-runs.

9 living with your bestfriend

10. You PMS at the same time

How is that a perk you ask? Well, this way you won’t be the only one cribbing about life. You can hate on this world together!

11. You never run out of chocolate at home

You will never have to think twice about what to have for dessert because your fridge is always stacked with chocolates… if nothing else!

11 living with your best friend

12. Freedom to walk around with minimal clothing

What’s better than strutting around the house in your birthday suit? You can embrace your body the way it is and your bestie will love you for it!

13. One of you will always have the latest gossip

There is no way that you won’t know who is doing what because you keep filling each other in with the latest gossip, even when you are supposed to keep it a secret. *oops*

13 living with your best friend

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