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How To Deal With (And Prevent!) Period Rashes

As if PMS wasn’t hard enough to handle, it’s always followed by that dreaded 5-day marathon that comes hand-in-hand with cramps and a ‘don’t you dare disagree with me’ personality that takes over our bodies. Oh and let’s not forget painful and itchy rashes are also common during this time on the thighs and groin. Can you really blame us for those mood swings? To make that time of the month just a little bit more bearable, we tell you how to deal with and prevent period rashes. Read on for a cleaner, happier period.


Period Rashes 
What To Do When You Have Rashes
Rash- Free Period

What Are Period Rashes?

Heat and dampness majorly contribute to rashes during periods. Being in contact with a damp sanitary napkin and chafing against it is bound to cause redness, inflammation and itchiness on your sensitive skin down there that can last beyond the 5 days.

What To Do When You Have A Rash

  • Don’t use soap on the affected areas, as it will only lead to further irritation and inflammation.
  • Change your pad at regular intervals
  • When you’re out and about, carry wet wipes with you to wipe the areas where you experience itchiness or discomfort. Make sure to avoid ingredients like alcohol, as it will only worsen the condition.
  • Use an over-the-counter antiseptic ointment to soothe the area.

How To Have A Rash-Free Period

Change Frequently

You may think we’re stating the obvious but so many women wear the same pad for 8 to 9 hours at a stretch. Changing your pad for a clean one is of utmost importance to avoid rashes and infections as well as for hygiene reasons. Make it a rule to change your pad every 4 hours, even on days where your flow is pretty low. Wearing a panty liner along with your pad will lower your chances of staining. Carefree Pantiliners are a great choice.

Choose A Good Sanitary Pad

Thanks to all that walking and moving around, your pad is constantly rubbing against your sensitive skin so it’s important not to compromise on the . Choose one that is made from cotton as it is light and softer on the skin and try avoiding ones with a plastic lining that will irritate your skin. Also, it’s important to wear the right sized pad. A lot of women wear bigger pads meant for heavy flow when they don’t need one, which can cause chafing and rashes. Whisper Sanitary Napkins are a leading favourite amongst Indian women and come in a variety of sizes like a maxi, ultra maxi and XL. If you have extremely sensitive skin and the problem persists, you may want to consider switching to tampons like Johnson and Johnson O.B. Tampons.

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Use Talcum Powder

Good old Baby Powder can save you from rashes and keep the area dry and clean. It will decrease friction caused by the pad, absorb sweat in the area and lower the chances of rashes and boils on your groin and thighs. Just like it helps stop diaper rashes in babies, it can help prevent period rashes.

Wear Airy Clothes

 We all know how uncomfortable those skinny jeans can be during that time of the month. It’s important to wear looser, breezier clothes during your period to allow air circulation, keep the area cool so you don’t sweat and prevent dampness and heat around your groin. Plus, tight pants will just cause your pad to rub against your skin even more. Check out our picks for comfy, period pants.

Keep It Clean

It is essential to take a few extra measures to stay clean during your period. Wash the vaginal area with warm water every few hours to get rid of irritation-causing bacteria and germs and to keep the area fresh and clean. Regular cleaning will help you feel better and much more comfortable during those few days every month.

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06 May 2016

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