10 Hilarious PMS Moments EVERY Girl Will Relate To!

Prerna ChauhanPrerna Chauhan  |  Sep 26, 2016
10 Hilarious PMS Moments EVERY Girl Will Relate To!


We girls hate periods, don’t we? Wouldn’t it be amazing if every month, instead of getting your period, you would just get a text saying “Congratulations! You’re not pregnant”. Well, we can only wish for this and crib! We found the most hilarious period problems from Whisper and we just can’t stop laughing! Some girls confessed the weirdest things they did while they were PMSing and we can’t help but laugh and agree! Read on to know what they confessed…

1. “I took the day off because my outfit wasn’t cute enough” – HAHAHA! Well, this hasn’t happened to us! 😛

1 period problems

2. “Only my microwave cares about me…” – LOL! At least your microwave cares… *Sigh*

2 period problems

3. “I thought my husband would cheat on me. I don’t have a husband!” – And that moment when you miss someone you don’t even know… 😛

3 period problems

4. “He shouldn’t have left ice cream in the freezer…” – There’s nothing that’s gonna stop a girl on her periods from eating ice cream. NOTHING!

4 period problems

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5. “I cried because my science teacher was *hot*” – And we cried because our teacher wasn’t! *Hehehe*

5 period problems

6. “I can’t stop eating…” – We feel you, my friend! Food is bae… <3

6 period problems

7. “I quit my job while PMSing…” OMG! We feel bad laughing at this…

7 period problems

8. “I yelled at my cat and started crying…” – Periods. They do this to us!

8 period problems

9. “PMS stands for – Prepare to Meet Satan” – This is true! 😛

9 period problems

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10. “I hate my boyfriend while i’m PMSing…” – Who doesn’t? We hate it that they don’t experience the pains of PMS!

10 period problems

We found these confessions here on Whisper.

Yep! This is what periods do to us… Relatable much?!