“I HATE Mornings!” 25 Hilarious GIFs That Tell It Like It Is

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 6, 2016


There are some of us who have only one mantra in life: “If you love me, let me sleep!” All of our lives, we’ve struggled with mornings – right since our childhood days. And we can’t even begin to understand people who actually enjoy mornings! (*Shudder*). Well, love them or hate them, we all gotta suck it up and face the sunshine! If you’re not a morning person, you are TOTALLY going to relate to the following!

1. Your nightmares actually begin when other people wake up from theirs!

not a morning person (1)

2. And even though you’re a grown-ass person, you do feel like crying. Really often. More like every morning.


3. Here’s something you never thought you’d say, but, man, you feel like this Powerpuff Girl!

not a morning person (2)

4. You don’t understand at all why mornings exist. Thanks, Penny, we totes agree.


5. And most times, you can barely manage coherent sentences.

not a morning person (3)

6. Every morning, the denial is real!


7. And no, it doesn’t help that people point it out!

not a morning person (4)

8. Or the fact that they are extra-chirpy while you can barely move.


9. It’s literally the worst when people are trying to hold conversations with you!

not a morning person (5)

10. The best you can manage is this:


11. It’s a miracle you reach college or office at all.

not a morning person (6)

12. Because, let’s face it, any given morning, there’s a chance that you won’t.


13. Your bed can be your best friend and your worst enemy.

not a morning person (7)

14. And in case the world hadn’t figured it out already, Britney puts it simply!


15. You will never understand people who actually like to wake up and do things. Seriously, are you for real, bro?

not a morning person (8)

16. And, no, it doesn’t matter if there’s a good enough “reason” to wake up!


17. You fail to understand why your friends even try to make breakfast (or brunch, ugh!) plans with you. No, thanks, buddy!

not a morning person (9)

18. Because, in your humble opinion:


19. Like, why can’t people just remain on your good side?

not a morning person (10)

20. How hard is it to acknowledge *this*?


21. The only fairytale you really like is Sleeping Beauty. Except for the part where she’s woken up with a kiss! I mean, Prince, dude, what did you do that for?!

not a morning person (11)

22. You’re pretty sure you’ve found your spirit animal. Yep, it’s Grumpy Cat!


23. You have indeed thought about this: maybe it’s a medical condition. Maybe you’re allergic!

not a morning person (12)

24.  Because the struggle is too real, and you’ve gotten really sick of it!


25.  Yet, every morning, it’s the same old story!

not a morning person (13)

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