Special Night With Bae? Here’s The *Perfect* Date Idea For You!

Amrita PaulAmrita Paul  |  Jun 2, 2017
Special Night With Bae? Here’s The *Perfect* Date Idea For You!

Planning a special date night is no mean feat. Especially if you are taking time out to just be indoors and reconnect with each other, even the tiniest details need to be kept in mind to ensure that you have a great time together. But don’t worry, this time we have got you covered. We planned the *perfect* date for you!

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1. First, the ambience

If you want it to be a chilled-out affair, put on some fairy lights, candles and mellow music. Get your living area all prepped up with comfortable cushions and crank up the AC for the perfect room temperature.

1 date night idea

2. All things food

Now, it is a given that the perfect date night needs to have the perfect food. Get a takeout from your favourite restaurant or whip up a meal at home. Crack open the bottle of wine you were keeping for a special occasion or dig into a big bowl of ice cream.

3. Plan it around the things he loves!   

With the ICC Champions Trophy going on, you’re in luck if your boyfriend loves cricket. You could take him to a special screening of the exciting India Vs Pakistan match this Sunday or stay in and watch it with a tub of popcorn in hand. Trust us, every guy would like to follow the match, especially with the OPPO Team handover the new jersey to cricket team players. Are you ready to cheer for Team India? Take a group selfie with your OPPO F3 phone in your matching jerseys and cheer for Team India in style!

4. Clear your schedules

A perfect date can be easily marred by either of you worrying about unfinished work or something else which is occupying your attention. So, clear your schedules well in advance so that you can have a wonderful and memorable time together.

4 date night idea

5. Have a backup plan

If any of the things you have decided on is even slightly likely to fall through, have a backup plan. Make reservations at more than one restaurant which is likely to screen the cricket match if you are keen on having an action-packed evening. Look at movie timings at nearby multiplexes etc so that you have something else on the backburner to rely on.

6. Surprise element

You could just take him on a midnight drive or to watch a live musician he has admired for ages. But don’t break it to him until the last moment so that the reaction on his face is that of undisputed joy. If you want to surprise him with a special gift, BCCI special edition OPPO F3 with three celebrities’ signatures are being auctioned on 3rd June! If he’s obsessed with cricket, then he would love you for the personalised gift.

7. Explore your wild side

Take him to that new seafood restaurant that everyone has been raving about or to an open mic night and nudge him to read out some of his poetry.

7 date night idea

8. Keep a memory of the special night, forever

Keep your phone ready to click a gazillion selfies and make sweet memories! The new OPPO F3 comes with an amazing new wide-angle selfie camera that clicks amazing images! Take a group selfie with your OPPO F3 phone in your matching jerseys and cheer for Team India in style. Also – don’t try to accommodate too many activities in just an evening, keep it simple and sweet. The idea is to just relax and enjoy each other’s company on a nice, romantic night. An interesting game of cricket will help you do just that.

9. Finally, look your best

Girls, you clean up damn fine and trust us, he will appreciate and love the effort. So look your best, go with the flow and have loads of fun!

9 date night idea

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