The Chai Break Struggle Is Real! 10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Don’t Like Drinking Tea

Janvi ManchandaJanvi Manchanda  |  Mar 30, 2021
The Chai Break Struggle Is Real! 10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Don’t Like Drinking Tea


I don’t drink chai….

People usually stop dead in their tracks when they hear you say that! We desi people love our tea and if you don’t, we suggest you brace yourself for all those dramatic expressions followed by a series of questions. And there’s nothing you can ever say to save yourself from the theatrics ‘coz not liking that garam chai ki pyaali is almost like committing a crime!

It’s not like you haven’t tried your best to enjoy some tea but it just doesn’t work. While everyone else loves their chai breaks, you prefer grabbing a bite or maybe some thanda or coffee! Maybe it’s the bland taste or the masala, you just can’t help but dislike chaiSo if you’re not a quintessential tea lover, here are some things you’ll definitely relate to.


That judgemental ‘kya?’ has started getting old now. People just turn around and look at you like you just told them that you’re a serial killer! Stop it already peeps, it’s just tea!

2. Should I Get You Some Chai, Beta?

You avoid going to people’s places because you know that you will be welcomed with tea! And it doesn’t just end there. It will 100% be followed by a chai pe charcha session with multiple cups of tea. Ugh!

3. You’re The Outcast

While all your friends, family and colleagues love their chai breaks, you feel like a total outcast with your soda or coffee. And it gets worse when you have to order your choice of beverage (which is obviously not chai) at the tapri….

4. Are You On Some Diet?

People are quick to assume that you aren’t having chai because of some ‘weird’ diet. Like no Rahul, I just don’t like tea!

5. You Must Have Chai During Monsoon/Winter

‘Sardiyon mein toh peete hoge na chai?’ –you’ve been asked this question far too many times. But more than that you’ve heard all about the ultimate chai-pakode combo during monsoon and you just don’t get it.

6. What If He’s A Tea-Lover?

Your biggest fear is that your partner or rather your ‘the one’ might turn out to be a chai lover and they’ll just never get you! 

7. Who Drinks Tea In Summer?

Drinking tea in winter is understandable but you just don’t get the people who manage to drink that garam chai ki pyaali even during summer! Like how?

8. What Is It With Chai?

You just don’t understand the obsession people have with tea. Like what is it in that cup of milk, tea leaves and sugar that people want to drink it multiple times a day.

9. Just NO!

NO, NO, NO, NO –you’re sick and tired of refusing that cup of chai again and again and again. Just when will you get it that I don’t like or drink tea? 

10. Hello Friends, Chai Pee Lo….

We get that people love tea but all those chai lover memes are just beyond us! 

Well, we have days when we wish we could enjoy a cup of tea but secretly we’re glad that we don’t need all those chai-biscuit breaks!

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