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Wedding Night Tales: What really happens on the night!

Wedding Night Tales: What really happens on the night!

Irrespective of the months of hard work and preparation that takes place for a wedding, the final day just flies by in an instant! After all that, the wedding night is definitely an awaited time for the bride and the groom! Here are a few pointers for the first wedding night


We often think about this: what do couples actually do on their wedding night? Do they actually do IT? Or do they just get tired and go to sleep? Well, whenever we think about first wedding night, a lot of questions pop into heads, which we thought would only be answered once we’re actually in THE situation. But we couldn’t wait that long, so we went to Quora and here’s what some people have to say…

1. Nandini Sharma says…

“When my cousin brother got married, we got his room decorated for the wedding night, with flowers (just like we see in Bollywood movies). I asked my bhabhi in the morning, If *first nights* are actually like- how they show in movies?! She said “NO”! On her wedding night, she and my brother actually spent the night by counting the number of flowers. They also decided that whoever would win would get a gift! I didn’t believe her at that time, but when I went inside on our marriage night, I saw a heap of flowers lying in the corner of the room and then I believed that they actually counted EVERY single flower in their room.” 

1 what actually happens on the wedding night

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2. Anonymous says…

“Ours was a love marriage, So there was no awkwardness between us. Well, I didn’t think much about the wedding night because I didn’t any time to as I was very busy. We hardly got any time to relax. Our elders conducted a small ceremony and then we went to our room. Our room was filled with sweets and fruits.The bed was decorated with flowers. We had good laughing time when we saw the room. It was magical and romantic. We were craving for a little alone time since we couldn’t talk properly and it had been around ten days!

 “Okay… I can’t explain more than this! 😛 

“Yeah we did it…” 

2 what actually happens on the wedding night

3. Kapil Bhatia says…

“Most couples spend time thinking… To do or not to do on their marraige night…?!”

3 what actually happens on the wedding night

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4. Anonymous says…

“The bride is just relieved to get out of her heavy clothes and ornaments. And the groom also gets very tired. Even after that if they have some energy left, they talk until they fall asleep. 

“I’m not so sure about arranged marriages. But, this happened in our family last year, the girl was around barely out of her teens and the guy was just 24. The guy touched her hand, and she said asked him not to. So, he called his family and they argued. To escape the situation the girl had say that she liked someone else. They kept arguing and now, they are not together anymore.” 

4 what actually happens on the wedding night

You can read the full thread here on Quora.

Woah! So, this is what happens. We were so curious to know… 😛

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24 Aug 2016

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