7 Pastel Eyeshadow Looks That Will Look Fab During The Holiday Season

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Dec 16, 2021
7 Pastel Eyeshadow Looks That Will Look Fab During The Holiday Season


We’d be way out of line if we didn’t give a shout out to the pastel eye makeup trend in 2021. Pastel eyeshadow looks were everywhere this year and we must say we do have our eyes set on a number of eye makeup ideas from the trend. Soft, retro, with a touch of whimsy, pastel eyeshadows are a total mood and a breath of fresh air from true metallics and neon eye makeup. Here’s a moodboard of our favourite pastel eyeshadow looks that we can’t wait to try out.

Pastel Eyeshadow Looks To Put On Your Makeup Wishlist


An eyeshadow look reminiscent of the refreshing summer drink, this pastel yellow is perfect for creating an eye-catching gaze.

Lilac Letter

A shimmer infused pastel eyeshadow in lilac is applied from lids to the brow bone and framed with sharp and straight winged eyeliner.

Peach Touch

Whimsical eyelids are created with this pastel coral peach eyeshadow shade that is softly blended and set against cat eyeliner.


A simple and refreshing eyeshadow look using mint green shimmer eyeshadow sans eyeliner is our new favourite. It works with minimalistic base makeup and a blurry lip like a dream. 

Blue Bird

Sky blue applied to the inner corners in place of a highlighter shade is definitely a winner on the pastel eyeshadow trend chart. We love how it is made prominent with the use of rose gold eyeshadow on the lids and brown on the lash lines.

Pastel Power

A pastel metallic  lilac shade is set against red eyeshadow to make an impact. The metallic lilac is applied on the lash lines while the lids get darker with a gradient of violet and then red. Kajal defines the water line to tie the look together.

Doll Eyes

A purplish pink cream eyeshadow dresses the entire lids with the finest winged lines on the lash lines is a beautiful pastel eyeshadow look that balances between bold and girly. False eyelashes really bring out the colour even more and a blush and lipstick in lighter shades of the same hue is genius.

Which of these pastel eyeshadow trends have you set your heart on?

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