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Paras Chhabra Just Admitted To Wanting To Marry Mahira Sharma & We Totes Saw That Coming!

Paras Chhabra Just Admitted To Wanting To Marry Mahira Sharma & We Totes Saw That Coming!

I’ve often wondered what it must be like to participate in Bigg Boss. Imagine meeting new people, forming new connections and being in the midst of all that drama. Gotta be an experience of a lifetime, right? Of course, once you’re out of the house, certain relations and ‘friendships’ fizzle out while others stay strong. Wondering which ‘friends’ we are talking about? We’re talking about a certain popular jodi from Big Boss 13. Yep, you guessed it right, it’s none other than Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma.

Paras and Mahira grabbed a lot of attention due to their closeness in the house and even after exiting the show, they have been spotted chilling together quite often. I mean you’d only have to look at their Instagram accounts once to know how close the two really are. Obviously, one can’t help but wonder whether the two are really ‘good friends’ or if there’s something more brewing there. Looks like we won’t have to think much about it, as Paras finally opened up about his equation with Mahira. Read on to know more. 


The Splitsvilla 5 winner was asked if he wanted to marry Mahira and this is what he said, “Of course, I want to marry Mahira Sharma. She is a beautiful girl and she is my very good friend. In fact, I have purchased a new house in her building only in Mohali. Most of the time we are together only, eating meals together.” That’s not all he also said that Mahira and his mother have become really close to each other too and often go shopping together. Paras also added that they weren’t dating as of now. He said that “We are not yet girlfriend-boyfriend officially. Our bond is very good now. We want our relationship’s progression to be natural.” 

Meanwhile, Mahira in another interview had said, “Dosti me sukoon hai.. Paras and I are just friends. I would not have allowed him to do a ‘Swyamwar’ show if there’s something else between us. We share a great rapport and truly adore our friendship,” Mahira said.


Hmmm, all we can say is, is har rishtey ki shuruvat dosti se hi hoti hai, right? We def can’t wait for this couple to finally realise their love for each other. They make such a cute pair, no?

Featured Image: Instagram

14 Jun 2021

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