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The Hate I Got For Putting On Weight Affected My Mental Health: Paras Chhabra On Anxiety

The Hate I Got For Putting On Weight Affected My Mental Health: Paras Chhabra On Anxiety

Changes in our bodies can trigger anxiety in a lot of people. The uncertainty of the pandemic led to a lot of people losing or gaining a significant amount of weight, which often led to more anxiety. For anyone who went through or is still going through a similar situation, please remember that fluctuating weight is completely natural and you really do not have to worry as long as you’re fit.

We often think that celebrities always seem to be perfect with their gym bodies and good looks. While we might think public appearances are flawless, we often have no idea about the kind of issues actors struggle with. Recently, Paras Chhabra opened up about the constant anxiety he goes through because of his fluctuating weight. In an interview with a leading publication, Paras explained the pressure he had to endure to gain weight for a music video and all the bullying he faced on social media for the same.

He said, “I had to gain weight for my last project. The whole process to put on weight was very difficult. Gaining weight naturally and gaining weight consciously are two different things. The process took a bad toll on me. Above all, the kind of hate I got for putting on weight took me by shock which affected my mental health and triggered anxiety in me,” said Paras.


There is no denying that social media can intensify someone’s insecurity to a greater extent. One needs to remember that someone can gain and lose weight intentionally and unintentionally as well. So, before you get the unexplainable urge to comment on someone’s weight, do this one simple thing – do not comment anything at all!

After the tough task of putting on several kilos intentionally, Paras is now on the drill of shedding all the extra weight for another upcoming project. This is adding more to his anxiety and while talking about the same, the former Bigg Boss contestant said, “Now for my next song, I have to drop weight. Earlier gaining weight had triggered anxiety in me, now losing has. Anxiety can cause you to do different things that affects your day to day activities. From waking up till I sleep I am anxious.” 


We hope things get easier for Paras very soon and till then, there’s good news for all the #Pahira fans out there. Paras will be seen in the video with his BFF and rumoured girlfriend, Mahira Sharma in this new video, and we are already excited to watch this adorable couple on the screen once again.

Paras, we hope you overcome your anxiety and come out stronger soon! 

Feature Image: Instagram

11 Nov 2020

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