Subhanallah! 45+ Pakistani Suit Designs To Exude Some Nawabi Grace With Your Fits

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Nov 12, 2021
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Though it is hard to put a finger to it, one can say that India’s love affair with Pakistani suits started almost a decade and a half ago. A huge part of the credit goes to Benazir Bhutto and her impeccable style. Just a mention of her and the mind instantly goes back to her silk kurtas, understated balloon sleeves, and trademark chiffon dupattas. Soon after Bhutto, Pakistani TV serials were streaming in India with Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai becoming household faves. It was almost impossible to ignore the irresistible charms of Pakistani actors as well as their charming style. Suddenly everyone wanted to own a lawn (a fabric famous in Pakistan) outfit and thus began the obsession with Pakistani suits designs, one that continues to grow stronger with time.
Like art, poetry, and cinema, fashion is certainly one of those dots that still connect India to Pakistan irrespective of the politics of the region. Stylish Pakistani suit designs are, in fact, an integral part of the fashion-forward’s wardrobes in India today. Perfect for those who like to keep it modest albeit polished, these suits are known for their relaxed silhouettes and stand-out designs. Needless to say, every single desi wearer needs to have at least one Pakistani suits design gracing their cupboards and in case you have hitherto missed out on it, here are 45+ beautiful ones that will keep you covered.

Pakistani Suits Designs With Palazzos

Pakistani suits designs with palazzos are a raging hot trend at the moment. Elegant and uber comfy, these suit sets are perfect for daytime festivities as well as dinner parties, depending on the colour and fit that you opt for. Here is a curation of some designs that might interest you:

Layered Look FTW

Blush And M

This is the perfect Pakistani suit design for those who tend to find dupattas cumbersome. We love how a sheer top has been paired with a sleeveless jacket for a layered look.

Florals & Basics

Lawn Store

Here is the perfect way to jazz up your basic suit–mix and match it with a floral palazzo! Works like a charm. 

Some Floor Length Glamm

Your Libaas

If you are on the lookout for new Pakistani suit designs that help you with a dressy and elaborate look then this floor-length jacket style kurta paired with a simple palazzo would be apt. 

Funnel Sleeves With Narrow Palazzo 

Your Libaas

Funnel sleeves happen to be a staple Pakistani suit design detail and you can go for a polished look with a slightly narrow palazzo silhouette. 

Ditch The Dupatta

Your Libaas

If you are looking for versatile Pakistani suits designs with palazzos that can be worn on an everyday basis, might we suggest that you ditch the dupatta and go for a short kurti instead?

Elevated Palazzo 

Your Libaas

A smart way to elevate your everyday Pakistani suit design would be to tweak your palazzo. Take, for instance, this side slit design and just how chic it looks.

Simple Pakistani Suit Design

Pakistani suits make for a great outfit option for all occasions including festivities as well as your everyday affairs. That said, there is an inherent simplicity about them that makes Pakistani suits a huge hit among those who like to keep it simple yet elegant. If you are one from the club, here are six simple Pakistani suit designs that you’ll bookmark stat:

Simple Yet Standout 

Richa Loomba

You can pair a simple kurta with a typical Pakistani salwar that is less flared than its Punjabi counterpart.

Long Straight Kurta 

Rozinaa India

Straight kurtas that are longer than the regular length look great with basic pants in Pakistani suit designs.

Short Kurta With Palazzo Style Salwar


This style is very close to the classic short kurta and patiala salwar pairing. For this look, you pair a short kurta (mid-thigh length) with a wide salwar. 

Trumpet Sleeves & Cigarette Pants 

Lawn Store

For a simple Pakistani suit design, you need to aim for balance. For instance, if you are going for exaggerated kurta sleeves then ensure to balance it out with cigarette pants.

Short Kurta With Cigarette Pants 

Mawra Hocane

Just like Pakistani salwar, cigarette pants look equally good with a short kurta. 

Take The Traditional Route 

Honey Mambo

You can pair a simple desi kurta with an understated Pakistani salwar for a unique Pakistani suit design.

Pakistani Sharara Suit Designs

Pakistani sharara suit designs have a separate fan base across the world and it is brides that cherish this style the most. Well, in case you too are a fan of the flamboyance of the gorgeous sharara, here are some suit designs that you will love:

Short Kurti With Generously Flared Sharara

Gulabo Jaipur

For a lehenga-choli style look, you can pair a short kurti with a generously flared sharara that looks almost like a skirt.

Simple But Striking 

Pooja Rajgarhia Gupta

A simple, full-sleeved-kurti with a solid, flared sharara is a match made in heaven and you can never go wrong with this one. 

Short Kurti With A Traditional Sharara

Your Libaas

The traditional sharara is fitted in the thigh with a cinched detail and then suddenly gets flared right above the knee. This design goes wonderfully with a short kurti. 

Flared Kurta With Flared Sharara

Reeshma London

Pairing your flared sharara with an equally flared kurta would be a great choice for a fancy occasion if a Pakistani suit design is what you’re looking for.

Asymmetrical Sharara 

The Khushi Shop

For a more contemporary Pakistani suit design, you can opt for an asymmetrical sharara and pair it with a kaftan style kurta.

Scalloped Hem Sharara

Panash India

You can jazz up your festive look by wearing a classic kurta with a flared sharara that has scalloped detailing on the hem. 

Pakistani Anarkali Suits Designs

Another one of the classics favoured by brides, each one of the Pakistani anarkali suits designs is as exquisite as it gets. Here are six of them for you to choose from:

Layered Anarkali Look 

RDz Designer Boutique

Wear your heavily embellished anarkali kurta with a solid skirt that peaks from the bottom for a layered look.

Solid Anarkali With Heavy Dupatta

Fashion Stylized

For a designer look, opt for a plain tissue anarkali and wear it with a heavily embellished dupatta. 

Jacket Style Bodice

Iqra Aziz

Use a contrasting fabric to give the top part of your anarkali a jacket-like accent.

Understated Anarkali 

Iqra Aziz

Instead of going for a flared look, you can keep the kalis to a minimum for a more contemporary anarkali set. 

Angrakha Anarkali 

Mehwish Hayat

Add a tie-on detail to your anarkali suit with an overlapping front panel.

Sheer Anarkali Kurta 

Arhaa By Vaishali

To subtly show off your midriff, ditch the lining and go for a layered look with a sheer anarkali kurta and a solid bralette. 

Pakistani Net Suits Designs

Love all things sheer and ethereal? Here are six Pakistani net suits designs that are sure to catch your fancy:

Threadwork Net Kurta

Blush And M

Few fabrics can make thread embroidery shine as net does. It gets all the more beautiful, if you opt for colour on colour.

See Through Panel Net Kurta

Mawra Hocane

You can opt for a crew neck kurta that has a see-through panel from neck up.

Cold Shoulder With A Twist 

Panash India

When getting your net suit embroidered, leave out 3-4 inches from the shoulder part. This would give your kurta a cold shoulder look.

Kiran & Gota Embellishments 

Hania Aamir

Gota and kiran look as good on the net fabric as thread embroidery. Go for a head-to-toe colour on colour look and then get it embellished with a traditional kiran lace.

Chantilly Lace 

Hania Aamir

In case you are looking for understated Pakistani net suits designs, then ditch the embroidery and embellishments for a chantilly lace fabric.

Sheer High Neck 

Hania Aamir

The high neck pattern also looks great in a net suit provided that you either go for a strappy lining or a see-through panel in the shoulder area.

Pakistani Salwar Design

It is definitely the salwar that shines out as the most striking element in a Pakistani suit design. In fact, you can pair the most basic of kurtas with a Pakistani salwar for the desired effect. Here are six unique Pakistani salwar designs to look out for:

Layered Details 

Preet Bajwa

You can use a colour block fabric to add a layered effect to your Pakistani salwar’s hem. 

Hand Painted Glamm

Label Pink Tulip

Get the bottom part of your salwar hand-painted for a unique look. 

Lace Trims

Label Shagufta

Chifley edges are a Pakistani salwar design detail that have almost become a classic over the years.

Understated Flare 

Dimple Design Studio

Unlike its Indian counterparts, the Pakistani salwar is less flared overall. However, you can add a unique touch to the design by getting it cinched at the bottom.

Tulip Salwar 

Blush And M

This dhoti-like salwar cut is yet another Pakistani salwar design that has been enjoying a lot of favour in the Indian market.

Back To Basics 

Your Libaas

If elegance is what you are looking for in your Pakistani suit design then we highly recommend that you go for a churidaar salwar and see the magic.

Pakistani Suit Sleeves Design

After salwar, it is the sleeves that make a Pakistani suit stand out from the rest. From elegant trumpets to soft balloons, you’ll find it all. Here are six stylish Pakistani suit sleeves designs to keep you updated.

Trumpet But Make It Sheer

Reeshma London

Trumpet sleeves are a classic Pakistani suit design detail and we suggest that you level it up by going for sheer fabric. 

Drop Shoulder 

Lawn Store

If you have got the daring bone in you, go for a drop shoulder design which we believe will look quite striking in the trumpet pattern.

Scalloped Hems

Your Libaas

You can nicely accentuate your regular trumpet sleeves by adding a sheer trim at the hem and going for a scalloped finish. 

Classic Full Sleeves 

Reeshma London

Go for the classic full sleeves to add a regal touch to your Pakistani suit design. 

Take Inspiration From Benazir Bhutto

Iqra Aziz

Subtly done mutton chop details look quite graceful in Pakistani suit designs. 

Go Sleeveless 

Your Libaas

Ditch the sleeves all together for a fresh Pakistani suit look, but you can definitely accentuate with scallop detailing. 

Pakistani Suit Neck Design

Now that we have been through all the intricacies of a Pakistani suit set, might we wrap this up with a quick look at some of the classic neck styles as well. Here are six Pakistani suit neck designs for your reference:


Iqra Aziz

A subtle keyhole looks very graceful in cotton, lawn, and linen fabrics. 

High Neck

Mehwish Hayat

Few suit design details look as polished as the classic high neck. 

Boat Neck

Mehwish Hayat

You can also go for a boat neck and amp it up a bit by adding a front button detail to the look. 

Crew Neck

Mahira Khan

If you want to keep it modest but aren’t a huge fan of high necks and collars, crew neck would be the perfect fit for you all. 

Take The Plunge

Mahira Khan

Opt for a soft plunge neck design if you want to take the risque route with your Pakistani suit set. 

Exaggerated Keyhole

Your Libaas

You can go for an exaggerated keyhole that goes all the way down to your navel and add a colour contrast lining to complete the look.

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Featured Image: Iqra Aziz, Your Libaas, Blush & M