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40 Awesome Uses Of Petroleum Jelly You Didn’t Know About!

40 Awesome Uses Of Petroleum Jelly You Didn’t Know About!

Remember the good old days when our moms may or may not have a lip balm around but always kept a box of Vaseline in the house, especially in winter? That was not just because it’s good for moisturising your lips but Vaseline has a lot more uses than you can imagine. Moms are smart! 

Let’s be honest. Now that the beauty industry has blessed us with uncountable options for our countable problems, we’ve almost forgotten about this petroleum jelly. Vaseline probably isn’t the first product you add to your makeup bag but you should. Because once you realise how versatile Vaseline is, you wouldn’t see it as an unattractive product that’s lying somewhere in the corner of your dressing table. While it isn’t always a part of your cart, it is arguably one of the beauty industry’s most overachieving multi-taskers. Read on to know more about it!   

What is Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum jelly is a semi-solid jelly kind of wax that is usually transparent and is originally known to use as an ointment for its healing properties. It is a mixture of various mineral oils and waxes that has the power to heal wounded or burnt skin. Which is why it is used as a medicine staple. But that’s not it, it is also widely used as a skincare product, be it tamed brows or cracked heels, there isn’t much petroleum jelly can’t repair

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Uses Of Petroleum Jelly

We all know it now that petroleum jelly is the key product to make anything soft, supple and better. So, here we have got you a list of all such uses of petroleum jelly that we think you should know about.

  • Uses of petroleum jelly for lip care 
  • Uses of petroleum jelly for face
  • Uses Of Petroleum jelly for hand
  • Uses Of Petroleum jelly for hair
  • Uses Of petroleum jelly for body and lifestyle
  • Petroleum jelly beauty hacks

Uses of Petroleum Jelly for Lip Care

1. Give yourself a lip stain using Vaseline. Mix natural fruit colour like cherry or beetroot with a tablespoon of Vaseline. As you apply it to your lips, it’ll moisturise your lips and will make them look naturally pink/ red. 

2. Not just a great lip balm, Vaseline can be used as a great lip scrub as well. Just mix a little sugar with Vaseline and use it on your lips as a scrub.

3. If you have flaky, dry lips, Vaseline will work on conditioning them and it’s always a great idea to use as a primer under your lipstick to avoid any further damage.

4 If you want fuller lips, you can ditch your lip plumper for Vaseline. In order to achieve fuller lips, mix Vaseline and cinnamon powder and microwave the mixture for 10 seconds. Now blend the mixture properly. Apply the balm on your lips for 20 to 30 minutes and for the best results, do it for 7 consecutive days.  

5. To prevent your lipstick from staining your teeth, you can apply petroleum jelly on your lips before you apply the lipstick. It’ll also moisturise your lips and will create a layer between the chemicals used in the lipstick and the sensitive skin on your lips.

6. If you’re not a lipstick fan and would rather go for a lip tint, add your favourite eyeshadow or blush to the petroleum jelly and use it on the lips. 

Uses of Petroleum Jelly for Face

7. Vaseline is mostly used in winters to keep the face warm as the petroleum jelly locks in the heat once applied.

8. Vaseline is considered a great healer and protector for skin, especially after a cosmetic surgery procedure. 

9. It can prevent the formation of scars. Unfortunate accidents like burning yourself with a hair iron can happen to the best of us. However, a fine layer of Vaseline over the wounded area will minimise the scar that’s about to form. 

10. You can hide your spots and dark patches using Vaseline petroleum jelly on face. Use it with your foundation to make a creamy blusher for your cheeks and blend it with your face cream. As you apply the cream, it’ll hide the spots and patches on the face.   

11. It can also act as a good moisturiser for people who have acne issues. Vaseline doesn’t clog your skin pores but it actually occupies the space in the lipid barrier that enhances the natural glow of the skin. 

12.If you have had a wound and the area still hurts, you still need to protect it from the heat of the sun. You can apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly for the same purpose.

13. To prevent crow’s feet and wrinkles, apply petroleum jelly around your eyes before you go to sleep. 

14. There isn’t a better hydrating face cream and moisturiser than petroleum jelly. While you might not find it cosmetically elegant, Vaseline is a great heavy duty moisturiser that works like a charm on dehydrated skin, especially in winter. It’s also non-comedogenic.  

Uses of Petroleum Jelly for Hand

15. You can use Vaseline as a cuticle cream as well. Trust me, your manicure appointments will reduce as it will naturally heal your cracked cuticles.

16. If you’re aiming for soft and smooth hands, Vaseline should be your go-to beauty product. Apply it on your hands before going to bed and then wear cotton gloves. By morning, you’ll have smoother and softer hands,

17. Want to repair cracked heels? Use Vaseline. Sandals and the sun in summers can affect your heels as well. Apply Vaseline to your feet every day before bed and cover them with socks. By morning you’ll have softer and smoother skin. 

18. For better mani results, apply Vaseline before you start painting your nails. The petroleum jelly will keep the polish from spreading outside of the nails and staining your skin.

19. And in case your old bottles of nail paint lids dry up and are difficult to open just rub some Vaseline on its lid, it would open easily the next time. 

Uses of Petroleum Jelly for Hair

20. When you’re colouring your hair at home, it’s easy to get dye on your skin around your forehead or around your ears. But if you apply petroleum jelly around your hairline before starting the process, it’ll block the colour from seeping into your skin and staining it. 

21. You can use Petroleum jelly to decrease itching and scaling on your scalp. Just apply it to the roots before shampooing. It’ll also help you get rid of dandruff.

22. Petroleum jelly can also be your go-to hair serum when you’re not looking for a messy look. Apply a small amount on your hands and then scrunch through the hair.

23. If you rub a little Vaseline through the ends of your hair, you can easily hide your split ends.  

Uses Of Vaseline For Body and Lifestyle

Not only for your face, but other uses of Vaseline is also great for the rest of your body. Here are some fantastic lifestyle hacks and uses of Vaseline that everyone should know about. 

24. If you want your legs to have a sexy glow, mix Vaseline with your liquid bronzer and spread it on your legs for luminous skin the next time you wear a short skirt. 

25. If you haven’t worn earrings for a long time, you can rub the Vaseline on your lobes to avoid the pain when you do wear earrings.

26. Planning to rock faux-lashes for a party? Putting them on isn’t as tricky as getting them off without pulling your natural lashes along. However, if you rub a bit of Vaseline on your lash line and the false lashes, they’ll come off much more easily.

27. Before applying a self-tanner (if you do), rub a little Vaseline on your wrists, ankles, elbows and knees to avoid patchiness. 

28. Not just hands, Vaseline is great for your skin in general. In order to achieve soft skin you just need to warm up some Vaseline and use it as a night cream. You’ll be able to observe the results in less than a week.

29. It’s good for skin rashes and infections as well, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can massage some warm Vaseline on the affected area. It will soothe and heal the areas in 2-3 days. It won’t just make your skin softer but also healthier. 

30. Rub a little Vaseline on your wrists and behind your ears before spritzing on your perfume.  This will prevent the scent from fading and to help it last longer.

31. To make your body lotion or moisturiser last longer on your skin, you can blend some Vaseline in it.

32. To get rid of dry knees and joints in general, apply Vaseline on them and it will make your skin softer and glossier.

33. Make a body scrub by mixing Vaseline with some sea salt. It’ll get rid of dry and dead skin and will brighten it.

34. Looking for breast firming solutions? Yeah, Vaseline can do that too. Rub a little jelly for at least one month to tighten the breast.

35. Vaseline can help soothe back pain. Just warm some Vaseline and then massage it on your back.

Petroleum Jelly Beauty Hacks

You thought this is all? Nahh! There are several beauty benefits of vaseline that we still haven’t introduced to you yet. Have a look to know all such beauty benefits.

Vaseline Petroleum jellly


36. Not only that, but it can also give you thicker-looking lashes without applying mascara. It’s rather a good substitute for mascara. Just apply some Vaseline to your lash line for the voluminous, glossy look. It is also rumoured that Vaseline helps your eyelashes grow!

37. Want to remove stubborn eye makeup? Vaseline’s up for the rescue. Dip a cotton swab in Vaseline and gently remove your mascara, liner and falsies using it.

38. You can transform matte eyeshadows using petroleum jelly. Apply it before your matte eyeshadow and it will instantly add a glossy sheen to your look. Not only that, if you use Vaseline as a primer on your eyelids, it’ll help the eyeshadow last longer.

39. Vaseline can help you keep your unruly eyebrows in place. Just apply it over the arch.

40. You can even use this magical drugstore product as a highlighter to illuminate your face. Dab some Vaseline on your brow bones, lids and your cheekbones. It’ll add a natural glow. In order to create a luminiser, mix one part Vaseline with one part highlighter and apply it to your collarbones, top of your shoulders and other parts where you wish to add the shine.  


What else is Vaseline good for?

Other than the above mentioned, Vaseline can also be useful for removing a ring that’s stuck in your finger, healing new tattoo wounds, making your bags, shoes and leather jackets shine, removing makeup stains from clothes and eradicating chewing gum from the hair.

Is it okay to shave with Vaseline?

Shaving can cause the skin to dry. By applying Vaseline after shaving, you can protect the texture of the skin and moisturise it.

What are the side effects of Vaseline?

  • Vaseline does make the skin look good and feel smooth, but the truth is, it’s repetitive use can block off the pores on your skin. It makes a second layer on the skin that does not let the original skin breathe and is composed of secreted toxins. Continuous use of vaseline on the sensitive skin can cause acne, skin irritation and dryness in some cases.
  • Vaseline should not be used as a lubricant or consumed as it is supposed to be used only for external areas. However, negligence can cause diarrhea, shortness of breath, coughing, and irritation in the nose, eyes, and skin.

Is it okay to use lip balm everyday?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to use lip balm everyday. It won’t cause any problem to your lips. Instead, it will make your lips soft, supple and moisturized. But make sure to not repeat the usage 10 times in a single day.

Is petroleum jelly cancerous?

As quoted by Dr. Marina Peredo, M.D., F.A.A.D. “There are no clinical studies that demonstrate that the use of petrolatum promotes cancer”. He added “Today’s formulas have been purified and tested and are cleaner and healthier than ever before.”

Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com

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