Outfits That Men Look Really *Hot* In – 14 Women Reveal!

Srishti SabharwalSrishti Sabharwal  |  Sep 25, 2017
Outfits That Men Look Really *Hot* In – 14 Women Reveal!


Dear men, listen up. We know there are a variety of reasons why you dress the way you do or prefer some trends over others. Sometimes it’s your personal style and sometimes it’s how you’re expected to dress to work. But wouldn’t you be interested to know what women think about the clothes you wear? Let’s face it, you do dress up for us sometimes, right? Well, we got 14 women from POPxo’s team to reveal which outfit they find men most attractive in. Read on to find out if your style made it to the list!  

1. A crisp white shirt

“I love men in crisp white shirts and basic blue jeans. A great cologne along with that would make him completely irresistible!” – Divya Sharma, Senior Manager, Client Services Wedding

We recommend this white shirt (Rs 849) for your guy!

2. Sweatpants FTW!

“When it’s not the classic blue jeans and white shirt (yes, I’m old school like that) combination, it most definitely is a pair of sweatpants – grey to be precise…uhm, sorry, I was having a moment – and a basic white tee. Dear cute boy, if you’re reading this, no need to save your sweats for the gym. You can wear it to a date, for all I care, meet my parents in them!” – Sayunkta Jain, Editorial Coordinator  

2  outfits women like to see men in

3. Pink shirt and beige pants

“Pink isn’t a colour usually associated with men, but they look so good in it! This subtle combination of colours makes men look effortlessly hot and at ease. What’s not to like?” – Bhakti Ahuja, Senior Account Manager

4. Boxers, because duh!

“If my man is standing at the doorway in his batman boxers, I’m gone, hook, line and sinker! And I am sure I am not the only one!” – Isheeta Sharma, Junior Lifestyle Editor

Aren’t these navy blue boxers (Rs 599) so cute?

4  outfits women like to see men in

5. Slim fit Chinese collar shirt with the sleeves folded up

“It’s an absolute sight to see that crisp slim fit shirt on a well built man. And oh well, it’s even better when they roll up the sleeves showing off those built up muscles. If a man can pull that off with trousers, that’ll be perfect. Because jeans are easy to carry off anyway!” – Roopal Jain, Influencer Coordinator, Plixxo  

6. White shirt and blue jeans

“A huge fan of the classics, there is something so smart and polished about a pair of dapper blue denims and a crisp white shirt! Think Ryan Gosling in The Notebook! Works every time!” – Sangeeta Baruah, Fashion Writer   

6  outfits women like to see men in

7. Kurtas… all day everyday!

“I feel like the one item that all men look really good in is a kurta. Kurtas add character to their look, instantly making them look more attractive. For some weird reason, I associate men in kurtas with a lot of depth and philosophical knowledge. Also, men who wear kurtas on a daily basis give an impression of being quite unconventional, which I personally really appreciate!” – Anjana George, Community Associate  

We really like this viscose embroidered kurta (Rs 2,990) from FabIndia!

8. Full sleeved crew neck tees with anything!

“I love how versatile a full sleeved tee is. Especially a black one! I’m a sucker for nerds and a plain black tee exudes a geeky vibe that I personally really like! If the sleeves are rolled up a little bit, that’s just an added bonus!” – Srishti Sabharwal, Senior Fashion Writer

8  outfits women like to see men in  

9. White T-shirt + rugged blue Jeans

“The look is oh-so-Garrett Hedlund from On The Road! What more would you want than him to channel a rebellious The Beat Generation novelist who knows how to get turnt!” – Sumona Bose, Fashion Writer  

10. Basic V-neck t-shirts with just about anything!

“Basic v-neck tees are quite simple but have the potential to make any guy look SUPER hot, if styled well. I personally love grey, white and wine coloured tees paired with dark blue ripped jeans! So dreamy!” – Manvi Malhotra, Senior Wedding Writer  

10  outfits women like to see men in

11. Plaid shirts!

“There is just something about the lumberjack vibe that a plaid shirt exudes that makes it SO amazing. I go weak in the knees just thinking about a guy wearing a plaid shirt!” – Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor  


“These go with absolutely any pair of lowers and can create any look – formal, casual et al. A guy in a white shirt is automatically eye-candy!” *drools* – Shambhavi Mehrotra, Community Associate  

12  outfits women like to see men in

13. Black shirt + beige pants

“Yeah, if a man can pull off that combination, I’ll be pretty interested all right. Best part is, black makes everyone look in shape!” – Amrita Paul, Junior Lifestyle Editor  

14. Cufflinks on a white shirt

“Nothing says refined than charming cufflinks. Nothing extra novelty though, that can really turn it tacky.” – Tinky Ningombam, Marketing Head

14  outfits women like to see men in

Cleary, white shirts are a clear winner. Take note, men!

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