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#LippieLove: 7 Fun Ways In Which You Can Use Lipsticks To Do A Full Face Of Makeup

#LippieLove: 7 Fun Ways In Which You Can Use Lipsticks To Do A Full Face Of Makeup


On a bad day, there’s always lipstick 💄 This is probably the reason why we end up hoarding so many of them. Not only it takes your look from drab to FAB faster than you jumping to conclusions, but also changes your entire vibe in a matter of seconds. Just one swipe makes all the difference in the world. And if a particular shade doesn’t suit you (haven’t we all fallen victims to photography scams of online shopping?), you can always make use of it in one way or another.

All The Awesome Ways In Which You Can Use Your Lipsticks


We love having a myriad of options in front of us. Nudes, pinks, mattes, glitter finishes, glosses, lip tints…I think my mind is in #LipstickHeaven. But are you aware that there are many cool ways in which you can use those beautiful lipsticks that are currently eating dust in your vanity? Well, using them as a lip colour is one, sure. But why just use them on your lips when you can do a full face of glam using them! Here are six more ways how:

As Blush


Finding a blush shade that looks great on Indian skin tones can be a tad difficult since most of the available options belong to the bright pink or the coral family. *Lipstick to the rescue!* Choose the lip colour you wish to use as a blush! Swirl your finger on its tip and dab it on your cheeks. If you end up using too much product, just pump out a drop of foundation on your beauty sponge and lightly dab it on #CreamBlush.


As Contour


Cream contours are so much better than pressed pigments or powders–there, I said it! Not only are they easier to blend, but there’s also room to make changes if you mess up. To use your lipstick as a cream contour stick, take a rich brown lipstick and apply it where you would normally contour. Then, take a wet beauty sponge and dab it to perfection. Nose job? We don’t need her.


As Colour Corrector

If you have #NonPradaBags under your eyes (geddit?), using a red or an orange colour corrector would be a safe bet. Alternatively, you can use your lipstick to determine which shade would better cancel out the dark circles. Just apply one swipe of a red (or orange) lipstick under your eyes, nose, and mouth to hide the blemishes. This will not only give you a seamless finish but shall become your most favourite thing about doing makeup.

As Eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadows are all the rage RN. Ever since Huda Kattan came out with her own line of liquid shadows, people are loving the fact that doing your eyes isn’t rocket science as it seems. You can directly apply a bullet lipstick on your eyes if you’re running late. But if you really want your eyes to pop, use a drop of foundation on your lids before starting. Then directly apply the lipstick shade you want and use your fingers to buff out the edges. Simple!

As Eyeliner

Gone are the days when #CatEyes was the hottest beauty trend in the beauty community. People are not shying away from adding colour to their lids. Neons, glitter, pastels–you name it. To use your liquid lipstick as an eyeliner, either apply it directly on your lids or take out some on the back of your hand and use an eyeliner brush to create magic on your lids. Pro Tip: Use a matte liquid lipstick as it dries quickly and stays on for longer hours – perfect for am to pm.

As Highlighter

Do not throw that weird metallic lipstick your friend gave you on your birthday just yet. Use it as a highlighter instead! Twist out your shiny lipstick and apply it wherever you need to highlight. Use your fingers to blend it into your skin and you’re ready to slay!

Every lipstick has a different story, even if they look alike. Remember, they are not to be underestimated, ladies.

Featured Image: Pexels

17 Jun 2020

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