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Orange-Infused Products To Invest In That Will Revolutionise Your Skincare Game

Orange-Infused Products To Invest In That Will Revolutionise Your Skincare Game

Oranges have been crowned Vitamin C’s god-child, and they’ve proved that the title is theirs to flaunt. These pulp-rich, palm-sized bites of decadence dabble in a lot of fields, and have proven their mettle over the years—from tip-toeing around acne, and sabotaging its plans to surface discreetly to lending support to the skin when it’s down and sagging. Oranges are selfless, and that’s why we’re paying homage to this fruit today. Remember that even when they’re just infused into products as a scent, they’re mood-lifters, and leave in their trail tanginess and drama. Here’s a line-up of the best orange-based skincare products for you to add to your cart.

6 Of The Best Orange-Infused Skincare Products Ever

An Acne-Controlling, Organic Face Oil

This sweet-smelling elixir enlists the expertise of oranges to treat oil-prone skin. Infused with an oil extracted from the rind of citrus sinensis, it dries out your skin, and reduces breakouts over time. The scent of freshly-picked oranges makes the experience therapeutic and refreshing. You can add a couple of drops to your lotions, scrubs, and creams, or dilute it with a carrier-oil like olive or coconut for a massage.

An Ayurveda-Approved, Multipurpose Pack

Jam-packed with roses and oranges to reinstate your glow, this Ayurveda-approved face-pack displays a slew of benefits for the skin—it’s exceedingly versatile in that it fights signs of ageing, brightens complexion, improves skin-tone, treats acne and inflammation, tightens and lifts the face, and so much more. And this is all courtesy of antioxidant-packed roses and oranges. Just apply it on your face evenly, and leave it on for 2 minutes before rinsing it off with water.

A Cocktail-Dispatching, Serum-Soaked Mask

Let this sheet-mask dispatch a cocktail of fast-acting, radiance-inducing ingredients to your skin in bursts of hydration, and deliver a week’s worth of nutritive serum to you. A mix of aloe-vera, yoghurt, and Vitamin B, this elixir-soaked mask slows down signs of ageing, and exfoliates the skin gently to reveal a natural-looking glow; while the scent of oranges tingles your senses, and relaxes you effortlessly.

A Luxe, Sugarcane-Derived Soap

There’s something about sweet-scented showers that makes even Mondays seem better. This bar-shaped soap is packed with the tanginess of oranges, and the subtlety of sandalwood. Apart from infusing your shower with a blend of nerve-tingling fragrances, its composition of pure, raw sugarcane helps your skin retain its moisture, and seals it in—which showers tend to rob you of.

A Sun-Protecting Lippie

Looking for a lip-balm infused with sun-protection? Laced with the nourishing and photo-protecting abilities of oranges, this lippie offers you more protection from UVB rays with a strength of SPF 30—and it doesn’t end there. The PA++ label signifies that the balm defends your lips against UVA rays too. While UVB rays are associated with sunburn, UVB rays penetrate your skin more deeply, are linked to ageing (photo-ageing), and can cause your skin to turn brown-ish. And both are associated with cancer—so, hey, time to invest in a lip-balm.

Which one are you adding to your cart?

Featured Image: Unsplash

21 Jun 2022

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