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Say Goodbye To These Smartphone Problems In 2019! #NewYearNewPhone

Say Goodbye To These Smartphone Problems In 2019! #NewYearNewPhone

Smartphones have now become an extension of our personalities. It’s like a third arm. There’s nothing that you don’t do on that phone. But the thing is, there’s always something missing. Well, now that you’re approaching the new year it is time to say buh-bye to these basic smartphone problems for GOOD! Here are your tech commandments for 2019.


1. Thou shalt not use a boring phone


All phones somehow end up looking similar. It’s almost always the same finish and the same kind of colours. Well, say hello to the OPPO R17 Pro that embraces colour and style. It has a gradient colour such as Emerald Green and Radiant Mist that is going to make you stand out in the crowd.

2. Thou shalt not sacrifice on screen space

While we are all on the fence about the camera slot on the front of a full-screen smartphone on how big or small it should be, OPPO decided to eliminate this discussion altogether! They have with their latest R17 Pro eliminated the need for the front camera to take up a wider space on the screen and instead used a cutting-edge “waterdrop” design to ensure maximum screen space.

3. Thou shalt not look for the light…


Thou shalt be the light! With the new cameras on the R17 Pro, OPPO has made night photography a dream. With the 25 MP front camera and 12mp and 20mp rare cameras with LED flash, you’re never going to have to settle for a dull picture ever again!

4. Thou shalt not tremble with fear when you drop your phone

We know how it feels. The scene plays out in slow motion. Your phone slipped out of your hands or your pocket and you see it slowly soaring towards the floor. One bounce, another bounce and then it finally lands on the screen. Not to mention the knot you have in your chest and stomach when you bend down to pick it up. Well, OPPO cares about your panic attack more than you do. The new R17 Pro has a Gorilla Glass 6™ screen that gives you unprecedented protection against multiple drops.

5. Thou shalt multitask like a pro

oppo r17 lets you multitask

The OPPO R17 Pro screen with its ColorOS technology brings your images to life. The phones also support gesture operations and full-screen multitasking giving you the MOST for less.  

Seriously, it’s now time for you to let bygones be bygones and say, “New phone, who dis?” 

P.S. Pre-orders for the OPPO R17 Pro will start from December 1st – 6th, 2018!

*This is a featured post for OPPO

21 Nov 2018

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