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Wanna Pay Less & Shop More? Try These 5 Online Shopping Hacks To Reduce Your Cart Value

Wanna Pay Less & Shop More? Try These 5 Online Shopping Hacks To Reduce Your Cart Value

The digital era has completely taken over our lives. Gone are the days when we used to step out and try and buy stuff from different stores of our choice. Every fashion desire is now available online, whether it’s a dress or a luxury handbag. Online shopping not only keeps us in touch with various trends but it’s also super convenient, saves time and, if you are a wise shopper, costs less! How? I’ll tell you how. There are some interesting online shopping hacks that’ll keep both your pocket and cart heavy.

Following these five simple tricks will help you save money and shop more on your favourite and the most frequently used shopping apps in India–Myntra, Shein and H&M. Let’s dive in straight! You can thank me later.


Be Patient, Wait For Free Shipping Hours

This one’s a tried and tested trick on Myntra. Myntra charges Rs 149 shipping on orders below Rs 1,199. To save the shipping charge or worse – over-ordering – to meet the minimum limit, keep your cart ready with things you wish to buy. Turn on your notifications for Myntra because they keep offering free shipping on all orders every now and then. As soon as you get that notification, place order. Viola!

Earn Reward Points



While Myntra offers Insider points, Shein gives you points in your Shein wallet on every purchase. The trick with Myntra is that you need to remember to avail these in your next purchase. With Shein, however, it’s not so tricky. There’s an option where you can simply log in to the app every day and collect points. My sister has collected 500 points so far which means she will get 500 off! Reviewing products bought earlier can also add to your points on Shein. You can later redeem these points against cash value during checkout. Ajio also has it’s own wallet with redeemable points but with an expiry date to encourage repeat purchases.


Subscribe To Newsletters



This one’s a lifesaver if you wish to get some discount on that expensive H&M dress that’s been lying in your wishlist since forever. All you need to do is sign up for the H&M newsletter. This is an option that comes at the bottom of your mobile screen each time you open the app. Once subscribed, you get 25% off on one item of your choice along with free delivery on that order. Isn’t that amazing? There’s finally another use for all the email accounts you’ve been making for free Netflix trials lol!

Get Heavy First-Time Discounts

Most shopping apps including Myntra offer huge discounts on your first purchase. All you need to do in order to avail this option is: create a new email id, sign in to the app using the new id and apply one of the off coupons during checkout. PS. the offer keeps changing. But one time, I actually got flat 500 bucks off so you never know!


Know All Promotional & Discount Codes

Different apps have different discount codes running almost at all times. For example, Shein has the spring sale going on right now where you can apply the code SSA to get Rs 200 off on an order above Rs 2,200. Similarly, Rs 520 off an order above Rs 5,200 and so on.



What are you waiting for then? Use these hacks to save more on your next online purchase. You’re welcome!


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18 Mar 2020
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