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An Official ‘Friends’ Cookbook Is Releasing Soon & I Can’t Wait To Try The English Trifle

An Official ‘Friends’ Cookbook Is Releasing Soon & I Can’t Wait To Try The English Trifle

See, no one told you life was gonna be this way, your quarantine’s a joke and your work-life is DOA. But your life doesn’t have to be in the second gear because your TV Friends will be there for you, as always. The year 2020 may be cancel-worthy, but it hasn’t been all that bad for Friends fans. The year started with the announcement of the big reunion in 2020 and now the official Friends cookbook is here to give you company when you’re bored at home during the quarantine. 

Here is an actual representation of how we feel after hearing this news!

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Happy birthday, Paul Rudd!

A post shared by Friends (@friends) on Apr 6, 2020 at 9:00am PDT

Friends, as we all know, is an iconic show but what they eat is definitely one of the most integral parts of the show. Well, while Joey made eating the meatball sub iconic, Rachel put the traditional English Trifle with beef on the Thanksgiving menu. So, what will this book look like, you wonder?

This cookbook will have over 50 dishes that have been a part of this show for over 10 years. Yes, it will have Chandler’s ‘Chan’ berries too. This book is written by Amanda Lee, who will make sure that the trifle, for one, does not taste like feet. Each recipe will be written keeping rookie chefs in mind because let’s face it, we’re not Monica Geller. 

The book is said to be out on 22nd September which is ironically the day when the first episode aired 16 years ago. Isn’t that a great tribute now?

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Here for the friendships. @hbomax

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While is nostalgic book will release in a couple of months, if you’re impatient, just like me, then you can pre-order it on Amazon here. Bonus? You can make the iconic food items and eat them while watching the reunion special on HBO Max, which is also set to release around the same time. The mega episode was supposed to air in May but the makers had to postpone shooting due to the coronavirus outbreak.  

We hope that this happens soon and we can meet all of them soon, reminiscing about old times just like we do with season re-runs, all day, every day.

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23 Jul 2020

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