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From Bump To Baby: Stylish Yet Sensible Clothing Brands For The New Mom!

From Bump To Baby: Stylish Yet Sensible Clothing Brands For The New Mom!

Every woman and her pregnancy is different; after all, every woman is different. So when it comes to nursing, women are often flanked by the rather basic question on what to wear while breastfeeding. In the midst of child-caring, you often tend to neglect the small stuff like looking fashionable. However, the little attention you give to your postpartum wardrobe choices is important for ease of breastfeeding as well as to make you feel happy.

During my nursing phase, I was happy to simply throw on a nursing cover (only if in a public space) and yank my top or t-shirt up to feed my baby. However, the handful of nursing tops, dresses and outfits I owned did come in handy when travelling with a hungry and demanding infant. There are times when a mother needs to step out of the spit-stained tee and pyjamas combo and into chic mamma gear. 

A good nursing outfit, in essence, comes with a slit or flap in the front that can be pulled back to allow you to breastfeed your baby discreetly. However, before we jump the gun and move on to nursing clothing, it’s essential to choose wisely what you wear inside. A good nursing bra that is supportive, padded (to avoid leaks) and essentially comfortable is a must-have for any feeding mother. While you might imagine your large-sized pregnancy bra to do the trick, but in reality, a proper nursing bra is essential for quick and easy feeding.

Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Nursing Clothes

Whether you choose to refashion your existing wardrobe to serve your breastfeeding requirements or simply pick new pieces, it’s important to keep certain points in mind. 

  1. Avoid synthetic or scratchy fabrics as they can rub against a baby’s tender skin and cause irritation.
  2. Also, refrain from wearing clothing with too many complicated buttons or styles because trust me, you don’t want to be stuck undoing your clothing with a howling baby.
  3. Another important consideration for a breastfeeding mother is clothes that do not stain easily as leakage, spillage and spit-ups are now a part of daily life.
  4. Always size up. Even if you’re unable to find maternity wear while browsing the aisles of stores, look for loose tops or dresses. Dresses with a ruched neckline and A-line styles will take you from pregnancy to your post-pregnancy in a pinch. Size up if you want to get the maximum use of the outfits. When you do end up losing all your weight later, you could always style the dresses with a belt to give them a better fit.
  5. Look for loose, oversized fits. They’re the clothes that will keep you comfy through your pregnancy and even after. 

Welcome to motherhood, it ain’t easy but you already you knew that didn’t you!

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Stylish & Sensible Nursing Wear Brands

Coming back to the outfits required for a breastfeeding mother, today, there are a plethora of brands that offer stylish nursing wear that make your mothering journey a breeze. We take you through some of the most stylish and sensible nursing wear brands and the outfits you need from them for a sexy mama look.


Yes, your favourite high street brand, Zara now offers maternity wear for expecting and nursing mothers. An online-only exclusive line, the collection is the high street retailers attempt at inclusivity. Baby-approved slogan sweatshirts, silhouettes that offer room for movement and muted + happy colours ensure a stylish day-to-day wardrobe. As you scroll through the stylish options, that are nowhere close to deary oversized gowns, do read up the fine print to figure out which ones are actually nursing friendly.



Babies love happy colours and big prints, and this v-neck dress with full shoulders will please your little munchkin’s active imagination. The comfortable fabric and the invisible side zip fastening is ideal for a play date with other stylish mommies.

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The British online retailer Asos offers the maximum amount of choices when it comes to maternity wear; therefore it’s a good idea to stock up on some basics before the baby arrives. Get their double-layer design clothing for on-the-go nursing, via cousins or friends abroad as sometimes the custom duties can cost a bomb. Most of their maternity wear is designed to fit during and post-pregnancy, so it’s a good idea to order your essentials like sweaters, daily tops and tights from the website. They also do some stylish going out outfits that are extremely comfortable and well-designed for your breastfeeding needs. 

Late-night feeding can take a toll, so it’s essential to slip into something comfortable and practical to bed. Asos’ nursing tiger printed pyjama short set lets you feed the baby without much effort.



We are forever thankful to Swedish fashion giant H&M for the comfortable, stretchy and affordable maternity jeans that make your pregnancy journey a stylish breeze. Moving forward, their nursing range is equally comforting – soft camisoles, formal shirts, cute dresses, nursing sports bras and more. We absolutely love their nursing camisoles that come in packs of two–these can be layered up (if you want extra coverage) or just worn with comfy trousers on a regular basis. 

A clever pregnancy hack: wear tops with high slits for easy feeding access a la H&M’s ribbed, knitted jumper with decorative buttons. This type of style works even when you’re a mom-to-be, you could just open up the buttons to accommodate your growing bump!


While nursing dresses and tops are cute, it’s nice to know that there are brands that are catering to women who wish to wear traditional Indian garments while nursing. Amongst them is online retailer Momzjoy that creates nursing salwar kameez sets for when you want to stick to your airy Indian attire while feeding. The brand has also gained the approval of Indian celebrity moms like Sania Mirza and Soha Ali Khan because of their fashionable yet functional maternity wear.

This vibrant, mustard-coloured floral wrap dress is perfect for a lazy day out with friends. Because it’s a wrap dress, you can adjust it to snugly fit your body. The vibrant yellow florals are a season-favourite and the soft breathable fabric and high-low hemline is sure to take you from bump to baby, in style.



Another online brand that’s making waves with their maternity and nursing wear is Momtobe because of its ability to provide affordable and fashionable options. If you’re a mother bored of wearing bland nursing wear, then Momtobe’s wide range of prints and patterns are sure to please your senses. Polka dots, Aztec prints, checks and florals take form on maternity wear that follows the latest trends.

Say hello to this chic number from Momtobe that comes with concealed zips on both sides that allow you to feed in comfort.


This French maternity label recently opened a store in Delhi’s famous SelectCitywalk and as they say, is à la mode. Occasion dresses, swimwear and nightwear are all covered by this chic French brand. They also offer tops that are designed to allow skin-to-skin contact with your newborn and can double up as nursing attire. Designed for kangaroo care, these tops are made in baby-soft stretch cotton with flexible wrap ties.  

While red-carpet occasions where you will be tempted to take a nursing baby along seem like a rarity, it’s good to know we have options. This super-luxe silk gown comes with a sweetheart neckline and lace shoulders and a concealed zip to make you feel comfortable before and after pregnancy. If you would rather shop in-store, head over to SelectCitywalk in Delhi. 


Morph Maternity

Leakproof maternity bras, maternity panties (that prevent UTIs) and nursing covers to your basic (and stylish) maternity wear, Morph Maternity gives you all the essentials at a lucrative price. From ikat prints to interesting necklines, head here for a dose of stylish nursing wear. They also have a maternity choli (yes, there are mothers who can choose to nurse in a sari) that gives you direct access with a simple zip. Their product descriptions include a little side note about the nursing option the garment offers, whether it can be used for breastfeeding or not.

Buttoned nursing wear is a hassle in my opinion; try unbuttoning with a howling, hungry baby and you’ll understand what I mean. Nonetheless, they get the job done. And this stylish ikat number from Morph Maternity seems worth the hassle. 


From ‘bump shoots’ to ‘baby is here’ clicks, photoshoots are now an intrinsic part of any mom and baby journey. Catering to that mindset is TheMomStore that, apart from giving chic nursing attire, the brand also provides photoshoot-friendly maternity dresses. Long lace gowns and one-shoulder styles with flaps make them ideal for the occasion and come in handy for feeding in the baby in between breaks.

When it comes to curating a nursing-friendly wardrobe, it’s important to keep comfort in mind – ensure the fabrics are breathable, offer easy feeding access and allow you to carry out your mothering duties on the go. At the same time, ensure you pick styles that flatter and can be carried forward in the months to follow.


When you’re pregnant, it’s most important for you to feel comfortable in whatever you wear. So get shopping already!

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