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Decoding Kim K’s Snatched Nose Trick: Here’s How To Get That Nose Job Look With Makeup

Decoding Kim K’s Snatched Nose Trick: Here’s How To Get That Nose Job Look With Makeup

Along with breaking the sales records with her KKW Beauty (rebranded as SKKN BY KIM) products, and rewriting reality television history, the queen of contour is back with another hack that’s breaking the internet RN. The pop culture phenomenon acquainted us with the concept of contouring back in 2008. And, we can’t thank her enough. But now, she is here to school us on how to get that ‘snatched Kim K well-chiseled nose.’

So are you excited (just like us) to get that snatched look like Kim without going under the knife? It’s a no brainer! Let’s dive right in to know how to get a nose job using makeup.

Take Your Nose Job Game To The Next Level With This Kim K Hack

You’ll Need A Contour Stick

This trend is based on the idea of using a cool-toned contour stick, and the quickest method to master it is to apply the contour shade with a brush rather than drawing it directly on your nose. To avoid a cakey appearance, the idea is to apply just the right amount of shade to the brush.

Parallel Excel

Start at the bridge of your nose and simply pull the colour in by drawing two straight lines down the sides of your nose to master your contour game. Make sure you have drawn the line as close as possible to each other. Then, end the line right before you reach the wings of your nose (it’s called the ala). Further, blend… blend… blend…

Master Strokes

Then, using a slightly darker shade of contour, draw a thin horizontal line on the tip of your nose and carefully blend until it’s completely blended together. To shorten your nose, use the brush with the residual shade on the bottom of your nose. You’ll be surprised at how snatched your nose looks. If you don’t want the contour to go all over your face, lightly blend it in.


Apply a matte nude pencil to the bridge of your nose, between the two contoured lines you’ve drawn. This technique will highlight your features in a jiffy. All it took was 10-15 minutes more than regular contouring to get a well-chiseled nose.

Powder To You

This final step is a complete gamechanger. Simply apply a brightening face powder to your contours and tap it in place. Apply the powder directly to the sides of the nose and press it down firmly. Powdering the sides of the nose creates the appearance of a slimmer, well-chiselled nose. We ain’t up for a nose job, but a nose job with makeup is something we’ve always fantasised about.

Don’t forget to set in place with a make-up spray and get ready to turn heads.

Featured Image: Instagram

10 Jun 2022

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