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“WHY Is This Happening?!” 9 Period Problems Every Girl Faces!

“WHY Is This Happening?!” 9 Period Problems Every Girl Faces!

“So many problems during that time of the month. So Many. How can my own body betray me like this?” We understand, ladies, we do. Periods are the worst. And the plethora of problems that they bring with them are worser – I know that’s not a word but you better not correct me when I’m on my period! However, these problems are completely normal and not something you should worry about. So here are 9 weird period problems that most women experience…

1. Poop. SO Much Poop!

How can I, one single person, contain so much poop? Turns out, pooping more when you’re on your period is completely normal. Your body produces more of this evil compound called prostaglandin, which leads to bowel contractions. The result? More poop.


2. All That Bloody Bloating

Bodycon dresses? Out. Tight skirts? Nope. Crop tops? LOL. Periods cause bloating. *sigh* The fluctuation in your hormones leads to water retention and swelling in the body, which makes you feel bloated. Don’t worry, it’s just for a few days and totally normal.

2 normal period problems


3. Bitchin’ About The Itching

Sometimes, wanting to itch “down there” during your periods is completely normal. A good bath often cures this. However, menstruating women are more prone to yeast infections, which could also cause the itch. A vaginal yeast infection should be treated by your gynae. It could also be a period rash, which might occur when you don’t change your pad often enough.

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4. Mood Swings From Hell

“I’m crying because I saw a cute squirrel and it’s so cute and also I’m hungry but first I need to text my ex and ohmygod is that a donut, I’m so happy!” Sounds familiar? Yeah. It is again hormonal imbalance in the body which causes these mood swings. They usually begin about 11 days before your period does, which is why PMS is the worst.

4 normal period problems


5. Tender Boobs

Don’t worry. It’s just your body preparing for a pregnancy that won’t happen anytime soon. Okay, thanks, body. Breast tenderness during periods happens to women who are sensitive to the rising levels of progesterone in the body. The hormone activates the breast cells to prepare them for pregnancy, which leads to your boobs feeling tender and sensitive.

6. Give Me ALL The Food

Insatiable cravings for all things sweet and salty while blood is flowing out from your body is totally normal. The dip in the serotonin levels of your body leads to this craving. So gorge on all the donuts and burgers you want and blame it on biology or chemistry or both. The downside? You remember the poop we mentioned?


6 normal period problems

7. Body Odour

You’re constantly worried about how you smell and take three baths in a day. You carry a perfume around with you and avoid walking past people. The menstrual odour, however, is mild and usually not detectable to the people around you, no matter how much you think you stink. So don’t worry and stay clean.


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8. Brain Fog

You’re not a scatterbrain, it’s your hormones (again)! The drop in serotonin, which helps you keep sharp and boosts your mood, is responsible for you feeling forgetful and sluggish.


8 normal period problems

9. And Of Course… The Cramps!

The aforementioned evil entity, prostaglandin, leads to contractions of the uterus, which means cramps that make you want to die. A hot water bottle can help, and so can painkillers, but in all honesty, it might still feel like your own body is trying to kill you.


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11 Jul 2016
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